Manchester United Ten Haag is a ‘greater manager’ than Ferguson

Manchester United Eric ten Hag, who had a sluggish start as manager, is said to be producing the best results since taking office among the 10 managers who have led Manchester United so far. Of course, only 25 matches were compared, which is said to be better than Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Sun reports that Erik ten Haag has had 메이저사이트 an impressive start to life as Manchester United manager. He currently leads Man United to 4th in the Premier League. In the EPL, they recorded 11 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses in 17 matches. Along with this, he is said to have won 18 of 25 matches. .

It is reported by the British press that this is the best performance of the past 10 Manchester United managers who have digested at least 25 games.

In addition to 11 wins in the Premier League, he has shown leadership by leading them to the quarterfinals of the Carabao Cup and the round of 32 playoffs in the Europa League.

Then, how did Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United’s greatest manager, achieve? He only won 12 of his first 25 games as head coach. The win rate is less than 50%.

Ferguson has won 13 Premier League titles, but his early performance lags behind Ten Haag. It is also higher than Jose Mourinho’s and David Moyes’ 14 wins.

So, who came close to Ten Hagh? Directed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He took over as interim manager after Mourinho was sacked and won 16 games, eventually earning him the honor of becoming a full-time manager.

Next came United manager Ron Atkinson in the 1980s, winning 15 of his first 25 matches.

Coaches like Ferguson and others who did not have a .500 win rate are Louis van Gaal (12 wins), Ralph Rangnick (10 wins), Tommy Doherty (9 wins), and Dave Sexton (8 wins).