Manager Kim Pan-gon, “I will regard Korea as the most hated Korea, and I will win the match”

Malaysian national football team coach Kim Pan-gon said that Klinsman was ‘the team he most hated to meet’ in relation to facing them in the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup finals. Director Kim considered it an honor to play against Korea, the ‘strongest player in Asia’ and his home country, and left a message that he would definitely come up with a good strategy and compete confidently.

The AFC held the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup final draw ceremony at the Qatar Opera Hall in Doha at 8:00 pm (Korean time) on the 11th. In the group draw that day, Malaysia received a matchup against Jordan and Bahrain, as well as Korea, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, in Group E.

After the draw, one of the biggest topics was the confrontation between Korea and Malaysia. The composition in which coach스포츠토토 Kim Pan-gon, who is showing off his potential as a Korean football leader in the Southeast Asian football field, will face his home country has become a hot topic in the Asian football world as well. Director Klinsman had the same reaction. Coach Klinsman joked in a mixed zone interview with <Best Eleven> after the draw, “It’s very special to play against Malaysia led by a Korean coach.”

In a conversation with <Best Eleven> after the group drawing, coach Kim laughed wildly about meeting Korea, but responded that he was embarrassed. Coach Kim said, “Since I’ve met Korea, I’ll do my best. I hope our players will be motivated by the fact that they can play against the strongest team in Asia like Korea. I think it’s an honor to play against Korea.” I will come up with a good strategy to match my level so that I can have a good match,” he said about his feelings about playing against Korea.

As mentioned earlier, Malaysia will face Jordan and Bahrain, which are ambush forces in the Middle East, in addition to Korea. He’s also not an easy opponent. Coach Kim said, “Overall, we are in the ‘group of death’.” “Jordan and Bahrain are also strong teams. It won’t be strong. I believe I can play well against those two teams.”

In particular, regarding Bahrain, he said, “In a match against Bahrain not too long ago, we scored the opening goal and almost won.” I think we can do as well as we did. However, facing Korea is burdensome, but our goal is to advance to the round of 16.”

Coach Kim acknowledged his inferiority in terms of power compared to the team he will meet in this tournament,

Coach Kim said, “Malaysia is not at the level of wanting to win the championship calmly.” This is because Malaysian people can feel proud of it. I will do my best to prepare for an equal game.”

Lastly, coach Kim expressed his will to maximize his power through the given time. Manager Kim said, “There are about 9 months left until the tournament. I believe that Malaysia can become stronger in the future. We will have to think about how to respond through opponent analysis, but we will go towards maximizing our strengths. I will not do it. I will fight with courage,” he said, expressing his intention to participate in the Asian Cup with the spirit of a challenger.

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