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When any business begins, choices become many for a number of factors that need to be considered. In today’s extremely complex and competitive market, selecting the right online merchant account to accept e-commerce payments is a decision all entrepreneurs need to study before completing. One specific aspect about selecting an online merchant account is instant merchant services. Unlike cash transactions, accepting credit cards and checks has long meant “tying up funds” for a couple of three days.

This poses a few complications for both the business owner and the consumer. In the past, catalogue and or telephone sales used as a “call for action” either sending a paper check for payment or stating your credit card number through the phone or filling out a form.

If a business accepted checks there were only a few avenues to complete this transaction – rely on fairly expensive checking account verification services, not release product until the check cleared or trust to the buyer’s integrity and release the product at purchase.

Obviously, the former can result in bounce checks  at further eroded profit potential. And, although a business owner could get the check verified, the process for receiving funds in your business account could take up to a week. 메이저놀이터

With the advent of Internet business, or e-commerce, a great rush to provide instant merchant services evolved as had the technology to make these online merchant accounts attractive and efficient. Instant, although not necessarily an absolute right there and then complete transaction, the time from purchase to funds available in a merchant’s bank account were drastically reduced.

However, technology continued evolving where merchant account providers could offer instant credit card approvals pretty much assuring the merchant would receive payment quickly as fast as the process could allow.

Additionally, the advent of debit and bank check card use allowed consumers to place funds in these accounts that would be “instantly” available. The technology also allowed consumers to keep transaction histories as close at hand as a computer keystroke or a cell phone inquiry. For avid online shoppers, both credit card and debit card acceptance will dictate which e-commerce websites will be visited on a frequent basis and where purchases will be made. Online stores that require check submission and successful processing before items are shipped will slowly lose out to online “e-tailers” who use instant merchant services to provide instant approval which, in turn, leads to the quicker reception of purchased goods and services.

Through use of high tech computerization, instantly verified purchases online can prompt automated shipping that result, in many cases, with an overnight delivery. Many online businesses advertise this using it as a selling point and claim if ordered by 10, it’s at your door by close of business tomorrow.

Therefore, obtaining an online merchant account with instant merchant services from Bank Associates Merchant Services will enable you and your business a valuable tool that will lead to increased revenue and success.

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