M88 Mansion and Maria Ozawa hold a Fan Thanksgiving Day to celebrate their second year of partnership

M88 Mansion is a leading online casino game provider in Asia and is now in its second year of partnership with Maria Ozawa.

The iconic entrepreneur and M88 continue to have an active partnership, resulting in many exciting projects and events. The face of M88, Maria Ozawa is an iGaming industry powerhouse, celebrity and brand ambassador par excellence.

To reveal what awaits iGaming fans in Year 2, Maria Ozawa Year 2 hosted Game Night. This showpiece is being streamed live on the brand new Maria’s Room Twitch channel launched in July 2022.

Using this social media channel, Maria Ozawa reviews and plays through the online casino games featured on M88 Mansion. Thanks to her well-established presence on gaming platforms, gaming enthusiasts are getting more immersive, and she’s expanding her fan base widely.

Working as an event headliner
Ozawa offers a variety of multimedia features besides photography, brand videography and live streaming on Twitch. She also actively organizes numerous meet and greet events across Asia. These are done in collaboration with M88 Mansion. In 2022, she received rave reviews at live and virtual press conferences.

In addition, I have many plans to visit Asian countries as a brand ambassador for M88 Mansion. As M88’s bona fide celebrity partner, Ozawa has appeared at notable events such as the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2022 in Tokyo, Japan.

Maria Ozawa celebrates the participation of fans
In August 2021, she attended her first public event in Japan in her second year. She next headlined M88’s promotional feature again in September in Bangkok, Thailand. Beyond high-profile celebrity events and brand appearances, Maria Ozawa makes it a point to meet, greet and enjoy time with players at the M88 Mansion.

She actively encourages her fans to subscribe to her social media channels such as Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

About M88 Mansion
M88 Mansion is a pioneer in online game entertainment for diverse Asian markets. This iGaming content development company has grown rapidly as a local business, establishing partnerships and associations around the world.

Since its inception, M88 Mansion offers the largest and most diverse collection of live dealer casino games, table and casino slot games, and sports betting options for online casino players.

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