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Love for KGC’ Moon Seong-gon “I’ve never talked about it anywhere…”

I discovered my talent while doing it~ 먹튀검증I’m really~!”

Moon Seong-gon (195, F) said he started playing basketball when he was in high school to go to college. He has already established himself as the ‘perfect’ position as the best defender in Korea.

Moon Sung-gon was not originally a player who specialized in defense. He made a name for himself as a ‘three-point shooter’ since high school and turned professional by being nominated by Anyang KGC with the first overall pick in the 2015 rookie draft. But the world of pros is sober. He had a hard time surviving the attack alone.

Moon Seong-gon found a solution on his own. He proved the dignity of the 1st nomination by adding to the defense. The defense that started like that has now become Moon Seong-gon’s greatest strength.

As a result, it is said that it is regrettable in terms of scoring. In response, Moon Seong-gon made various attempts to strengthen his offensive power. “This season seems to have been a transitional period. I tried a lot. I did pick-and-rolls, dribbles, shots, and middle jumps. I thought about how to make these parts more concise. This season “I couldn’t do it coldly. If I were to score myself, it would be 30 points,” he said. He was focusing on becoming more solid by looking back at himself objectively.

“Actually, it’s really nice to have someone score with my pass. Of course, it’s good for me to score, but it feels really good to give it to someone and score. So I passed a lot. Byung-jun said, ‘You’re not a guard, so don’t pass and shoot .’ So, next season, I will try to increase the number of attempts within the limits of not harming the team.”

If a top-notch defender has the ability to score goals, isn’t it truly an MVP? Moon Seong-gon has the highest level of ambition. “My final goal… I haven’t talked about it anywhere… MVP!

He also constantly expressed his affection for KGC. When asked about things he likes, such as his happiest moment and the things he loves the most, he consistently gave answers related to KGC.

His strong side as a basketball player ends here. In fact, Moon Seong-gon is said to be called a ‘crazy guy’ or a ‘twit’ by his acquaintances. The author, too, was strangely convinced. Moon Seong-gon’s somewhat unusual appearance can be found on Spotify News’ ‘Spotime’ channel.

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