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Losing 120kg of free agent compensation player, Ji-pung Lee → Will training coach Kim Yong-il succeed?

Pitcher Yun Ho-sol transferred from Hanwha to LG.

For Yun Ho-sol, who will wear an LG uniform as a free agent Chae Eun-seong’s compensation player, ‘weight loss’ is her top priority. As a training coach of the KBO League, coach Kim Yong-il, a representative expert, is in charge of management.

Yun Ho-sol’s KBO profile has stated that he weighed 99 kg for several years, but his actual weight is not disclosed. Looking at his bulky body, he seems to weigh between 120 and 130 kg.

Yun Ho-sol received a down payment of 600 million won in 2013 as a priority for the new team NC and joined the pro team. He was the biggest prospect in his high school, but after joining, he couldn’t blossom his talent in NC due to frequent injuries, surgery, and long rehabilitation.

In NC, he made his first-team debut in 2014, and finished the season with only two games, 3.1 innings, and 5 runs (average ERA of 13.50). He underwent elbow surgery in the fall of 2014, after which he completed his military service.

He did not return to the first team until 2017, and was traded to Hanwha in 2018. Yun Ho-sol, who graduated from Bukil High School, transferred to his hometown team and spent the 2018 season in rehabilitation.

He rose to the first team mound again after 5 years in 2019 and posted an average ERA of 17.18 in 3 games (7 runs in 3.2 innings) and an average ERA of 10.50 (7 runs in 6 innings) in 6 games in 2020.

In the 2021 season, he fully established himself as a bullpen pitcher. Last year he went 3 wins and 8 holds with a 4.62 earned run average in 55 games (48.2 innings). He went 3-5 with 7 holds and an earned run average of 4.04 in 52 games (42.1 innings) this year.  메이저사이트

The average speed of fastball this year was 145.6 km. He throws up to 150km fastball. At Hanwha, I bulked up under the guidance of training coach Lee Ji-poong, but failed to manage my weight and ended up with a heavy body. It is also said that he tried to lose weight but had a yo-yo phenomenon.

Gaining body fat and bulking up to some extent can give a pitcher improved fastball velocity, but being overweight can put strain on your knees and back and will prevent you from getting the most out of your body.

Head coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop singled out Yun Ho-sol as a reward player to use as a full force in the bullpen immediately. Cha Myung-seok, general manager of LG, said, “The club thought of a promising player in a future-oriented way, but the opinion on the field immediately wanted full power.