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Life changed by futsal: The fateful meeting of FCMM CEO Kim Chan-young and futsal

I just liked sports and futsal. So he went to college as well as physical education. However, after he entered college and came out into society, a wider world appeared to him스포츠토토. And he began to step into new territory that no one had challenged.

Of course, there were trials. However, he has grown further with the ordeal as a stepping stone, and now he has grown as a representative of a decent sports apparel company with 20 employees and overseas customers. He likes soccer and futsal, and makes sports clothing as a business, making him curious about his life living and breathing with his favorite sports.

‘Fitness Culture Makes Man’, which says that fitness makes people, FCMM, who dreams of leaping into Asia’s best sports apparel with that motto, and Park Chan-young, the head of the brand and futsal club, were able to meet at Monster Gym.

CEO Park Chan-young, who met the reporter, greeted him with a bright face. I was able to hear the story of FCMM from CEO Park Chan-young, who said that he is busy with F/W collections and promotions, and that he is preparing an event plan.

The birthplace of FCMM begins with ‘Chance World’. While attending a physical education college, he kept an eye on sports apparel brands and wondered, “Why aren’t there many world-class sports brands like Nike or Adidas in Korea?” Then he decided to try making sports apparel and started a company with four of his colleagues.

His goal is to provide consumers with quality and well-designed sports clothing or clothing at a reasonable price, and ultimately to establish a sound sports culture in Korea through FCMM. With this motto, FCMM is an American brand. With the motif of ‘champion’, we started to launch a full-fledged clothing brand.

Of course, it wasn’t without trial and error in the beginning. It wasn’t easy for a college graduate to deal with clothing. Regarding this, CEO Park Chan-young said, ” When I first started, there were a lot of mistakes when I was making the product because I had too little knowledge.” recalled that time.

He continued, “I wanted to make it better, but the quality wasn’t as good as I wanted, and even if it  looked good to the eye, there were many cases where it was different from the real thing.”

CEO Park Chan-young recalled that those days were the most difficult. When despair fell upon them, it was ‘futsal’ that rescued him from the mire of darkness. President Park Chan-young recalled the fateful meeting with futsal like this.

“People always go through tough times while working. Originally, I really liked sports, but because of work, I hardly ever exercised. In the meantime, a very difficult time came along with work, and I wanted to relieve my stress, so I went to the futsal field for the first time in a while and played futsal. Futsal is not played

alone, but with several people, not just futsal, but eating and talking together and healing while doing so. I think we started to work on the business and clothing production for ‘, and that was in 2019.”

The meeting with futsal was like a turning point for Park Chan-young. Breaking away from the preconceived notion of making ordinary clothes before, we started to make active clothes that sports players can wear in earnest.

In this way, Park and FCMM came to have a deep relationship with futsal, and starting with Song Jeong-seop, the ‘legend of Fibo’, they gradually began to expand their influence in futsal through exchanges with various futsal players. In particular, it sponsored various futsal competitions and created a festival ground for futsal players to play freely, and  sponsored Incheon ALTong Futsal Club and Siheung Football Eye FS, which are participating in the FK League, and are still building up their image in the futsal world one by one. there is.

What is the charm of FCMM and futsal that created you? Representative Park said, “In fact, many people know that futsal is mini-soccer, but in fact, the two are so different in character that they can be regarded as separate sports. I think it’s a charm,” he said with strength.

His love for futsal is still the same even though he is busy with business. His love for futsal is so extraordinary that he visits the futsal field three times a week for business or hobbies. “If my wife finds out, it’ll probably be troublesome,” he says with a smile, but just by looking at his willingness to not let go of futsal, you can tell how serious he is about futsal.

Based on that sincerity, FCMM is constantly growing. Now, beyond futsal, they are trying to make FCMM known in various fields ranging from b-boying, soccer, tennis, and e-sports. Efforts are also being made to recognize and publicize the true value of young players who show potential and players who are not known to the public.

While sponsoring various competitions, FCMM does not take much financially. Although there are no tangible results other than a rise in the company’s image and brand value, CEO Park is still willing to use the company’s profits to sponsor competitions or sponsor players. Why?

He looked back on the fundamental reason sports have, saying, “It is the happiest time to see scenes where people feel happy and feel that happiness through exercise, and it is the motto we dream of, so we are trying to create such moments.”

“At first, since there is no corporate sponsorship or such part, most of them are sponsored by FCMM, but as the competitions pile up, it becomes our identity, and if more people know that identity, I think we can show a better image. “he added.

FCMM, which has recently strengthened its position in the street fashion market with content creator Oking and girl group Ive member Lay, has entered the e-sports market as the official kit supplier of Liv Sandbox, which participated in the LCK this season. We are creating a brand that can encompass

What is the ultimate dream of FCMM, which now challenges the sports market in Japan, Asia, and even the world? Park Chan-young, CEO, said, “I want to develop FCMM  into a sports brand that represents Asia, and furthermore, when people around the world see FCMM, they say, ‘There is a great sports brand in Korea.’ 

Lastly, I asked about the meaning of futsal that made him.

“I think futsal was an opportunity that really changed my life. I made many connections with many people through futsal, and I think that the threads were connected one by one to create the current FCMM. I promised to play futsal until I was 90, but I think I need to build up my body so that I can keep that promise (laughs).”

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