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‘Let’s go to Hangzhou!’… Promise to advance in the decision ceremony

The opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games is just 10 days away.

Our athletes held a ceremony yesterday (12th) and pledged to do well.

The players gathered together in fresh uniforms and took commemorative photos together, strengthening teamwork and making memories.온라인카지노

As team leader Choi Yoon vigorously waved the large Taegeukgi, everyone pledged to do well.

[Ahn Se-young/Badminton National Team: I think I am gaining confidence and better synergy. I think I can do well in the Asian Games.]

[Hwang Seon-woo/National Swimming Team: My biggest goal is to break my personal best record, so I want to reward you with a good record and good results.]

Korea has 39 sports . A team of 1,140 players will be dispatched across the country, and the main team will enter Hangzhou on the 20th, three days before the opening ceremony.

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