Let’s eat ‘watermelon’ at Jaemyung Lee’s public event… Rigid Support Layer “Strong Signal”

In addition, the Democratic Party representative Lee Jae-myeong was caught eating watermelon in public, and among some strong supporters메이저놀이터, “a signal (signal) was sent to punish “’watermelon’ (a slang meaning the Democratic Party on the outside, the power of the people on the inside) ” came the interpretation.

On the 16th, CEO Lee ate watermelon with officials at the ‘Youth Agricultural Site Visit and Discussion’ held at a farmhouse in Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do. As this appearance was conveyed through media reports, some of the pro-Lee Jae-myung strong supporters, ‘dog daughter’ (Daughters of Reformation), posted on community bulletin boards such as Lee’s representative fan cafe ‘Jae-Myung’s Village’, “Of all the many desserts, I ordered watermelon. What I picked was a strong signal.” Other supporters also left comments such as “a code like Morse code to plow the field and chew the watermelon” and “start now, be prepared, watermelons.”

Supporters interpreted Lee’s visit to the agricultural site as a response that he would not distance himself from fandom politics. Previously, Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Won-wook was known to have directly said, “Stop being the head of ‘Jaemyung’s Village'” in front of Representative Lee at the ceremony of renewal on the 14th. It was a remark that revealed a sense of crisis that the middle class could not be prevented if they did not distance themselves from ‘fandom politics’. However, one of Lee’s supporters said, “I was told to stop being the head of Jam Village (Jae Myung’s Village), so I also experienced the head of the village.”

Dog daughters are in a situation where dissatisfaction and antipathy toward secret figures (non-Lee Jae-myung) who discuss ‘Lee Jae-myung’s responsibility’ after the recent incident of Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who left the Democratic Party due to controversy over possession of a large amount of virtual assets. People outside the Democratic Party who urged Rep. Kim to resign were defined as ‘watermelons’ and attacked with text messages and phone bombs.

Representative Lee has asked his daughters several times to refrain from attacks inside the party. At a meeting with supporters in March, CEO Lee said, “Let’s not say ‘watermelon’. Do you guys enjoy listening to it when I say ‘tear’ (an expression mocking CEO Lee, who has been involved in a controversy over swearing at his sister-in-law)? Conflicts intensify when such a name is used,” he said.

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