Korea’s first unsupplied Antarctic point Kim Young-mi returns home… “Spend a privileged time with Mother Nature”

Captain Kim Young-mi, the first Korean to reach the South Pole without any supplies, has returned in good health.

Captain Kim, who revealed that she had a privileged time to enjoy the great outdoors, plans to enjoy the preciousness of everyday life for the time being.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


The face of female explorer Captain Kim Young-mi, who appeared at her arrival hall, was filled with a bright smile instead of a tired look.

She is the first in Korea and the first Asian woman to reach the South Pole, writing a new chapter in her history. She is welcomed by her parents and realizes that she has come to Korea.

Captain Kim confided that she felt both grateful and relieved at the end of her 51-day expedition.

<Kim Young-mi / Mountaineer> “They said that their body was not injured, how did they walk more than 1,000km when the last day was so frightening, cold, trembling and frightening…

” started the journey.

She pulled a sleigh loaded with equipment weighing over 100 kg for 11 hours a day in the cold weather of minus 30 degrees and did not receive any support such as equipment or food.

At 8:57 pm on the 16th, after 50 days, 11 hours and 37 minutes, Captain Kim, who completed 1,186.5 km, reached the South Pole.

<Kim Young-mi / Captain> “We’re here! Ha!” 먹튀검증

<Kim Young-mi / Climber> “Every moment is alive. I think I spent a privileged time in Antarctica where I could enjoy the wind and Mother Nature with my whole body.”

General Kim, who has overcame the fight against himself through numerous challenges, such as being the youngest person in Korea to climb the highest peaks on seven continents and climbing Lake Baikal alone in Siberia.

Once again, I feel the gratitude of ordinary but special, everyday life.

<Kim Young-mi / Climber> “Thank you for coming back. I think it was an expedition where I felt once again that good people and warm people were by my side.”

Captain Kim plans to take a break for the time being before deciding on his next move.

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