Korean Air, Incheon Airlines fined for ‘finding live ammunition on airliner’

Incheon Airport Authority and Korean Air have been sanctioned by aviation authorities in connection with an incident in which two live rounds of ammunition were found on a passenger plane departing Incheon International Airport먹튀검증.

According to industry sources, Incheon International Airport and Korean Air were recently notified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport’s Seoul Regional Aviation Authority of fines of 7.5 million won and 5 million won, respectively.

Incheon Airport Corporation voluntarily paid the fines before the comment period on April 24 and received a 20 percent reduction of 1.5 million won. Korean Air has not yet paid the fines, but is reportedly not contesting them.

Earlier, on March 10, two rounds of 9mm handgun ammunition were found aboard a Korean Air flight departing Incheon Airport for Manila, Philippines.

At the time, a passenger found one live round under a seat on the plane and handed it to a flight attendant, but no report was made to higher-ups. The flight attendant reportedly claimed to have recognized the live round as metallic trash and did not report it.

Later, as the plane was taxiing to the runway, another passenger found an additional live round, prompting a police report. Police have identified the passenger who brought the live ammunition as an American man in his 70s, and the investigation is ongoing after analyzing x-rays from the Incheon airport checkpoint.

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