Kim Soo-cheol, who surprised Bellator, “The Bellator staff said that Kim Soo-chul won”

The Bellator staff said ‘(Kim Soo-cheol) won'”

Kim Soo-chul’s propaganda is a hot topic. On the 25th of last month, Kim Soo-chul (31, Wonju Road Gym), who is called ‘Asia’s strongest’, competed in ‘Rijin 40 RIZIN X BELLATOR’ held at Super Arena in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and won ‘Bellator Bantamweight Champion’ Juan Archuleta (35). lost by 2-1 decision.

As the split decision says, it was a rout. 스포츠토토 In particular, the Bellator staff dispatched to the scene were known to be in awe of Kim Soo-cheol’s skills, such as whispering the words ‘Kim Soo-cheol won’.

On the 4th, Road FC chairman Jeong Moon-hong released a video of Kim Soo-chul’s match, which was highly praised by Japanese martial arts fans, through his personal YouTube channel Gao Hyung Life.

The concept of the RIZIN 40 RIZIN X BELLATOR competition was a confrontation between the Ryjin FF All-Star Team and the Bellator All-Star Team. Year-end events in Japan have long been a dream of Korean players. As Kim Soo-cheol joined the first Korean Ryjin All-Star team as a representative of Road FC, attention was focused.

Kim Soo-cheol’s mentor, Road FC President Jeong Moon-hong, was invited as a VVIP and coached with passion outside the cage. Kim Soo-cheol had a battle without concessions with the ‘former Bellator bantamweight champion’.

Kim Soo-chul showed sharp blows and 토토 high-level fights. He also strangled his opponent as he landed several guillotine chokes. When Kim Soo-cheol attacked from a higher position, the referee declared a standing position, which somewhat unfortunately deprived him of his attack flow.

Kim Soo-cheol’s wife said, “At Bellator, (Kim Soo-chul) said he won.

As the bell rang for the fight between the two fighters, Japanese martial arts fans applauded. Kim Soo-cheol, who captivated Japanese martial arts fans with his excellent performance, unfortunately lost by referee’s decision.

After the game, Kim Soo-cheol shed tears and said, “I’m sorry, coach,” and conveyed his regret and upset feelings to his teacher, Chairman Jeong Moon-hong.

Chairman Jeong Moon-hong also said, “I heard that the referee lost. I couldn’t help but lose, but I saw that I won. It’s okay, if I just lose without feeling good, I won’t say anything.”

In addition, Chairman Jung Moon-hong said, “Isn’t it the heart of the referee? That’s why I always have to win with one side. Could you train more? If you have a lot of skills difference. Then I would have told you to stop, but I think I can do more with this.”

Now is the time to wonder what kind of challenge Kim Soo-chul will take on after winning the titles of Singapore One Championship bantamweight champion, Japan Rising on featherweight champion, Road FC bantamweight champion, and Road FC featherweight champion.