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KIA 1R prospects disappearing, will the remaining Yoo Seung-cheol & Han Jun-su bloom?

A lot of prospects that the KIA Tigers recently nominated in the first or first round left the team. I couldn’t blossom and moved to another team through trade or quit baseball.   

After the last season, 2011 first round right-hander Han Seung-hyeok was traded to Hanwha. He threw a fastball in the late 150km range, but was unable to develop into an ace level because he was caught in the second half. He made it to the starting lineup last year, but couldn’t hold out for a long race. 

Prior to this, Lee Min-woo, who received the first pick in 2015 during last season, moved to Hanwha along with outfielder Lee Jin-young. He seemed to be working as a starting pitcher, but he couldn’t do his job. We are preparing for the season with the determination that it will be the last in the second year of the transfer. He is expected to bloom at Hanwha with Han Seung-hyuk.

In addition, in the middle of last year’s season, 2016 first-choice right-handed pitcher Kim Hyun-joon retired on his own. It was the reason why I couldn’t see the 토토사이트 future anymore. Cha Myung-jin (Hyocheon High School), the first choice in 2014, was expected to become a member of the first team by winning three wins in 2019, but was unable to overcome the injury at the end and took off the uniform at the end of 2021. 

In 2012, right-hander Park Ji-hoon, a first-rounder, served as the bullpen’s main pitcher for two years as a rookie, but suffered an elbow injury. He stepped on the first team stage in 2017, but took off his uniform after 18 appearances. In the first round of 2013, Son Dong-wook retired after only playing 14 games in the first team. 

However, the first nominees such as Kim Ki-hoon in 2019, Jeong Hae-young in 2020, Lee Eui-ri in 2021, and Kim Do-young in 2022 created a young sensation and played an active role in the first team. Jung Hae-young has established himself as a closer, and Lee Eui-ri has become the first 10-win starting pitcher. Kim Ki-hoon is expected to be the starter and Pilseungman, and Kim Do-young is expected to be the starting third baseman. 

The remaining players are Yoo Seung-cheol, the 2017 first-choice pitcher, and Han Jun-su, the 2018 first-choice catcher.

Yoo Seung-cheol appeared in 39 games in 2018 and seemed to be a first-team pitcher. After returning from military service, he won 3 wins in 21 games in the 2022 season. It drew attention last year when it exceeded 150 km/h. But he didn’t show persistence. He is expected to succeed in rebounding again this year and add strength to the first team.  

Han Junsu’s actions are also of interest. Since joining, he hasn’t had much first-team performance. He had 6 hits in 7 games in 2019 all of his first team career. He was discharged at the end of last year. The catcher team without Park Dong-won needs a new signboard. Attention is focusing on whether Han Junsu will emerge as a new hope as the first nominee.