Junghyun Lee’s unstoppable will to develop “A chance to grow by participating in the Universiade”

Lee Jung-hyun visited Yonsei University. 

On the 26th, the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match between Yonsei University and Hanyang University was held at Yonsei University Sinchon Campus.

There were a lot of familiar faces in the audience that day. Players from Yonsei University, including Shin Dong-hyuk, who served as the captain of Yonsei University last year, came to the stadium to cheer on their juniors.

Lee Jung-hyun, who has been completely reborn as the core of the team, also appeared. Lee Jung-hyun, who showed his presence in the playoffs, went on a break after completing his schedule for the quarterfinals. 

Lee Jung-hyun smiled, saying, “My condition started to drop at the end of the season and it was difficult, so I got sick right after the end. (Laughs) I’m a little better now. I’m thinking of meeting friends and going on a trip. He said that injuries aren’t a big injury, but it’s okay to rest, so I’m trying to rest well.” .

Lee Jung-hyun played the role of an ace during college and led the golden age of Yonsei University. Lee Jung-hyun, who has proven his potential, is also active in his professional stage. 

Lee Jung-hyun said, “Coming today, I remember a lot of school days. In my 3rd and 4th grade, I couldn’t play at home because of Corona 19. It’s so sad and I remember it. I won a lot and it was a fun college life. I tried to get good grades, and I also played basketball. I tried to do both things while doing well. I was a student who tried to be diligent in studies and sports.”

Through the playoffs, Lee Jung-hyun became a star that received more fans’ attention. On this day, too, Lee Jung-hyun drew a lot of attention.

Lee Jung-hyun expressed his gratitude, saying, “I feel like I’m feeling it a little while going through this season. The fans recognize me a lot, and there are fans who sometimes recognize me when I’m on the road, even though I didn’t do that in the last season. I think people are interested in how I work hard.” marked

In his second season스포츠토토, Lee Jung-hyun succeeded in converting to a point guard and achieved a step-up. How is his satisfaction with the season?

Lee Jung-hyun said, “I can’t say everything is satisfactory, but I worked really hard. I especially had a strong desire to win in the playoffs. When I watched the entire season, I was in charge of point guard for the first time, and through trial and error, it seems that I have confirmed the challenges and possibilities at the same time.” said.

Regarding coach Kim Seung-gi’s praise, which increased after the playoffs, “I wasn’t the type to praise him well. (Laughs) He emphasized a lot of responsibility and fighting spirit, but I think it showed up well during the playoffs and gave me a lot of encouragement. He also gave me a lot of direct praise. I didn’t do it to get praise, but I had a strong desire to win. If I continue next season, I think I’ll do really well.”

In response to a question about the championship game that started on the 25th, Lee Jung-hyun said that he admired Kim Sun-hyung’s play.

Lee Jung-hyun expressed his respect, saying, “I watched the championship match. I heard a ‘wow’ sound. These days, (Kim) Sun-hyung is watching a lot of his play and trying to imitate him. Every time I see him, he seems to be doing really well.”

After taking a break, Lee Jung-hyun will participate in the Summer Universiade held in Chengdu at the end of July.

Lee Jung-hyun expressed his determination, “Anyway, it’s an international stage. I think it’s an opportunity to grow while meeting players from around the world, and I want to gain a lot of experience. I want to take a break and build up my body and digest the season without any problems until the next season.”

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