John Rahm and Jung Rahm [Understanding Jeong Heoncheol’s Golf

At the GS Caltex Maekyung Open in 2023, long hitter Jeong Chan-min, a pro, achieved his first victory in his life with a ‘wire-to-wire’. He drew attention by hitting around 300m with a driver on the course of the competition, and is called ‘Jeong Ram’ because his appearance resembles Spain’s John Lam, who is showing a peak shot.

What is distance for a pro?토스카지노 What does long hitter mean?

It is thought to have the same or more important meaning than the pitcher’s velocity in baseball. It’s like comparing a pitcher who throws 140 km to a pitcher who throws 160 km. How much do 250m driver shots and 300m driver shots affect performance? When you think about the difference in difficulty between holding a pitching wedge and a 5-iron for the second shot, it becomes clear.

If you are an amateur, you can compensate for the short distance with your own other skills. You can use woods or hybrids well, maintain sharpness in the short game, and try not to lose the feeling of putting to compensate for the short drive distance and challenge so-called singles or even pars. However, in the professional world, it is judged impossible.

In the world of pros who have reached a certain level in every aspect, you cannot become a top ranker unless your distance is guaranteed. Judging from the current map, it is judged that women must be able to hit 240 to 250m and men to be able to hit 280 to 300m to survive the competition. If you are a junior player aiming to become a professional, their teacher or parent must keep this in mind. Shot consistency, short game, and putting can be overcome and improved through constant effort. However, distance is insurmountable unless the preconditions are resolved. The prerequisites are stamina and physical condition.

I saw the swings of Jung Ram and Jung Chan-min. I flew 300m with an effortless driver swing that made me wonder how such a distance could come from a natural swing that wasn’t so hard. A flexible body while maintaining a weight of 110 kg at a height of 188 cm is the premise of the current performance. I think I have found another player who can compete with me on the world stage.

John Rahm is currently the top ranked player in the world. He has been covered once in a previous article. His small backswing and fast tempo set him apart from other players. Never enough back swing, on the other hand, enough follow and finish, and tempo, the time from address start to impact, I think is the fastest player I’ve ever seen. If you look at it positively, you can see it as a swing that minimizes the possibility of causing a miss shot. If only I could hit it well with such a small and quick backswing…

The swing of golf also experiences changing trends according to the times. Looking at John Rahm and Jung Chan-min following Bryson DeChambeau, I think about swing trends. What is the right swing?

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