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Jeong Yoo-jung, watching the movie ‘Hwacha’ repeatedly… “I tried to change my identity”

An expert analysis suggests that Jeong Yoo-jeong (23), who killed a woman she met through an app that brokered part-time tutoring jobs and abandoned her body메이저사이트, may have committed the crime aiming at the victim’s identity as a graduate of a prestigious university.

On the 17th, the SBS program ‘I want to know that’ came out with an expert analysis of Jeong Yoo-jung’s behavior and psychology. Experts said Jeong Yoo-jeong said, “When I arrived at the victim’s house, someone was already committing the crime. She said that the perpetrator asked me to hide her body so that she would let me live as a victim.”

A psychological expert said, “Even though Jeong Yoo-jeong’s statement is a lie, we can see some of her desires in it.” that” he analyzed. The expert added, “Because Jeong Yoo-jung has longings and aspirations for the victim’s university or major, she considers living as a victim as if it were compensation.”

Experts also paid attention to Jung Yoo-jung’s statement that she had repeatedly watched the movie ‘Hwacha’ during the police investigation. These experts said, “Jeong Yoo-jeong’s crimes may reflect her desire to change my environment to a new environment in order to escape her complex of not having graduated from college, as in her movie.” In addition, it was analyzed that ‘Jeong Yoo-jung’s leaving the house wearing the victim’s clothes after the crime may also reflect the desire to wash her identity’.

‘Hwacha’ is a movie about the plot of the main character Jang Moon-ho (Lee Sun-kyun) finding out that Kang Seon-yeong lived under the identity of another person while searching for her fiancée Kang Seon-young (Kim Min-hee) who suddenly disappeared before marriage.

In the broadcast that day, it was also revealed that there were several people who approached Jeong Yoo-jung from the tutoring brokerage app in the past to find the target of the crime. Jeong Yoo-jung approached two of her tutors through the app’s chat window right before the incident, and these tutors were asked questions such as ‘do you live alone’ and ‘is it possible to take classes at the teacher’s house?

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