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Jeju coach Nam Ki-il “believed in the players, played happy football” after leap to second place, ‘crazy rise’

Jeju United head coach Nam Ki-il스포츠토토 smiled in victory as his side climbed to second place in the table.

Jeju, led by Nam, won 2-1 against Suwon Samsung in the 15th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Jeju World Cup Stadium on Sunday. Despite conceding a goal in the 16th minute, Jeju came back with goals from Seo Jin-soo in the 21st minute and Lim Chae-min in the 38th minute.

With the three points, Jeju moved into sole possession of second place with 27 points. They continue their dominant run with six wins and one draw in their last seven matches.

After the game, Coach Nam said, “It was a good game. We conceded a goal in the first half, but we recovered quickly. In the second half, we did what we wanted, and we played until the end. We played happy soccer,” he said.

Jeju struggled in the first half as Suwon took the lead, but turned the tide in the second half. Especially after introducing Kim Bong-soo, the flow changed.

“In the first half, we made mistakes on defense,” said Nam. We quickly corrected them before the second half. In the second half, we possessed the ball and created chances. The second half was better than the first. I think the players are happy with the result.” “Tactically, if you say one thing, Kim Bong-soo does three or four things. He took us where we wanted to go. Overall, we continue to have a good atmosphere.”

Jeju is currently the team with the best flow in the league. Armed with a strong winning mentality, they are shaking up the table.

“I am satisfied,” said Nam. The players are talking a lot. I feel like we’re bonding a lot. It’s not something that comes easily. It’s a team that came up through hardship. It seems to be going in a good direction. Above all, the seniors are taking the center stage and playing with the idea that every player is the main character. I still believed in the players. I think the defense is doing its job and that gives us the strength to not lose. If the defense is doing its job, the forwards can do it. If the forwards don’t score, the defenders do. It makes us stronger,” he said.

The current trend is also encouraging for Nam, who has been working in the K League almost non-stop for 10 years. “I’ve been coaching for 10 years, but I’m excited like it’s my first year. I think the players made it happen. I am preparing for every game with my first thoughts and first feelings.”

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