“It’s not true, it’s not true. I’m just one of many advisors.” SSG CEO’s emergency statement released

SSG Landers, who fell into internal trouble during the change of leader, issued a statement.

On the afternoon of the 14th, Landers opened his mouth to a group of situations in the name of CEO Min Kyung-sam, saying, ‘I will tell you my position on behalf of the club in relation to the appointment of the new head of the baseball team.’

Landers has appointed SSG Landers Futures R&D Center Director Kim Seong-yong as the successor to Seon-gyu Ryu, who resigned two days earlier this morning. In response, fans announced a truck demonstration, saying that the unofficial greetings had an impact on the appointment of a new leader.

The following is the full text of the statement under the name of CEO Min Kyung-sam.

On December 12th, general manager Ryu Seon-kyu expressed his gratitude, and a successor was quickly appointed to stabilize the organization.

According to the decision of the CEO and the board of directors, the club appointed Kim Seong-yong, head of SSG Landers Futures R&D Center, as the new general manager.

General Manager Ryu Seon-kyu played a role in achieving the combined victory of ‘Wire-to-Wire’ this season, so it was very regrettable that he had stubbornly said, “I fulfilled my duty by achieving the goal of rebuilding the team for two years.”

As revealed in the press release, the club has appointed the right person for the future through a normal decision-making process and opinion convergence.

That’s why the suspicion of ‘non-profit’ raised by some is not true.

With the full support of the parent group, SSG Landers achieved a unified victory with the team and the front team united.

The club took over and established in a short time.

Accordingly, we receive advice from many people inside and outside the baseball world, such as baseball veterans, related workers, media officials, managers, and public institutions, and reflect them in our operation.

However, as the baseball team is also a corporation, the subject of personnel and operation is clearly specified, and decisions are made through the board of directors centered on the CEO.

The person who is mentioned in some is also just one of those who play an advisory role, and is not in any position to be involved in the personnel or operation of the club.안전놀이터

We apologize for causing concern as a result at a time when we need to prepare for a better next year. We will reorganize the baseball team and do our best to win the championship next year.

We will make SSG Landers loved by fans.

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