Is it ‘web entertainment’ or real life… The shaken friendship of ‘fake men’ is a hot topic on social media

Since some time ago, we have been watching celebrity news updated almost in real time through YouTube as if we were watching an entertainment program on TV .

And the reactions to it are shared and communicated more directly through social media ( SNS ).

In fact, this trend is firmly established as ‘web entertainment’.

Of course, it is unknown whether it is reality or whether another storyline has been foretold in advance, but it is a view that it is meaningful in that it has definitely elicited a topic on social media.

Recently, on YouTube, the conflict between Lee Geun (39), former Navy Special Warfare Team ( UDT ) reserve captain, and YouTuber Agent H (Hwang Ji-hoon · 36 ) is attracting attention.

The two shared the same highs and lows in UDT in the past, and have one thing in common: they rose to stardom through the web entertainment ‘Fake Man’. Recently, as former captain Lee insisted on Agent H’s ‘Kim Gye-ran gossiping rumor’ in a video, the feud between the two even shows signs of escalating into a triangular conflict. On the 17th, former captain Lee uploaded a sniper video of Agent H on

his YouTube channel ‘ROKSEAL ‘ , and in the past, security company MUSAT) revealed the contents of the call with employee A who worked together.

Mr. A claimed that Agent H, in a phone call with him, criticized the former Captain Lee, saying, ” XXX like Lee Geun doesn’t treat him as a person or contact him,” and ignored his UDT colleague’s request for help.

In response, Captain Lee couldn’t hide his anger, saying, “Dog XX , I want to kill it.” The conflict between Captain Lee and Agent H began in earnest on April 13, when Captain Lee uploaded a video targeting Agent H on Roxyl.

Former Captain Lee claimed in the video that Musat, the company he worked for in the past, put the image of ‘eating and running’ on him, and that Agent H actively participated in this process.

A few days later,카지노사이트 through a live broadcast and YouTube channel community, Agent H explained that the former Captain Lee’s claim was groundless.

Agent H said, “I heard from an acquaintance what the former Captain Lee Geun misunderstood,” and “I think it’s a problem that can be resolved by solving the misunderstanding when both sides want to.”

However, former Captain Lee posted a sniping video again on the 17th, making it clear that he had no intention of repairing the relationship with Agent H.

In particular, “Agent H cursed Kim Gye-ran a lot before filming Fake Man,” he continued.

Captain Lee said, “(Before Agent H filmed the fake man), he said he was planning a video to expose Kim Gye-ran, but I stopped him.”

He added, “He is a person who accepts everything he needs help with and then pretends not to know, so he doesn’t look nice.”

Kim Gye-ran, who was suddenly designated as a ‘victim of gossip’, expressed his feelings indirectly through social media ( SNS ).

On the 18th, Kim Gye-ran posted a photo of a barbell with a disc on her Instagram story and wrote, “I just came with a barbell row.”

Captain Lee, Agent H, and Gye-Ran Kim are seniors and juniors of UDT . Agent H completed UDT 53-1, and Captain Lee completed UDT 54-1. However, this former captain is a former officer and has a higher rank than Agent H. Kim Gye-ran is known to have completed the 59th class.

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