Is it ‘Biden’ or ‘if it blows’… Court “Let’s appraise President Yoon’s remarks”

The court also suggested a voice appraisal in the lawsuit for corrections submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against <Culture Broadcasting> ( MBC ) in relation to the ‘report on slang remarks’ that surfaced during President Yoon Seok-yeol’s visit to the United States last year .

On the 19th, the 12th Civil Settlement Division (Presiding Judge Seong Ji-ho) of the Seoul Western District Court proposed a plan to appraise President Yoon’s voice at the first hearing in the lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against <Culture Broadcasting>. In order to resolve the matter quickly, the court presented two proposals토토사이트: ‘posting a counterargument report in an appropriate form’ or ‘determining whether or not to report a correction after confirming the facts through voice appraisal’.

In response to the voice appraisal proposal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied, “We will respond later.” The <Cultural Broadcasting> side said, “I will answer after seeing the plaintiff’s (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) response,” but said, “We are not currently considering corrections.” In addition, the <Cultural Broadcasting> side said, “If the reported remarks are not true, the plaintiff (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) should explain what the actual content was, but the complaint has only the purpose of the remarks and does not explain which part was different from the actual president’s story.” Please clarify,” he said.

In this lawsuit, the question of whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was qualified as a party to the lawsuit was also an issue. It was a report on President Yoon’s remarks, but it is because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not the President’s Office, filed a lawsuit. Regarding this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “We will organize it in writing and submit it.”

At the time of President Yoon’s visit to the United States in September of last year, <Culture Broadcasting> said, “This XX in the National AssemblyIt was reported that President Yoon had spoken with subtitles saying, “If they don’t approve, Biden will be embarrassed,” but the President’s office insisted that it was’if you blow’, not’Biden’, causing controversy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs went through mediation procedures at the Press Arbitration Commission regarding this report, but the disagreement could not be narrowed down as <Culture Broadcasting> insisted that it was not a false report, but that it was difficult to correct it. Afterwards, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed a lawsuit against <Culture Broadcasting> in December of last year requesting corrections.

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