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‘Is an active member of the National Assembly a perfect game?’ 10 consecutive strike explosions, unfortunately canceled by 1 pin

An incumbent member of the National Assembly showed off his ability to play a perfect game in bowling, which is said to be extremely difficult even for players. He vomited the spirit of taking 10 consecutive strikes카지노사이트.

Member of the National Assembly Jeon Yong-gi (32, Democratic Party of Korea) scored 10 consecutive strikes from the first frame in the three-member club league match held in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do on the 9th. A perfect game was expected for the first time as an incumbent lawmaker, but in the 11th pitch, former lawmaker missed one pin unfortunately.

In the end, the game ended with 289 points. Although the former lawmaker failed to achieve a perfect game, he showed off his formidable skill by recording a high score comparable to that of a player.

In fact, the former lawmaker is an elite athlete. The former lawmaker, who played an active role as a bowler in middle school and high school, was good enough to go to Hanyang University as a special student.

However, the former lawmaker had to finish his career by entering politics after graduating from college. The former member of the National Assembly, who entered the National Assembly as a proportional representative in the 21st National Assembly election, also set a record as the youngest member of the Democratic Party.

However, the former lawmaker enjoys bowling as his clubmate and shows his affection. The former lawmaker, who also watched the final of the ‘2023 MK HC Cup Pro Bowling Competition’ last March, also cheered on his friend Jun-woo Lee (Perfect Korea), who played together as a player in school.

Lee Jun-woo, who won the championship at the time, said of the former lawmaker, “I have many good memories, such as going to competitions together, training a lot, and competing in good faith.” You gave me a lot of strength,” he said. Rep. Jeon said, “I went to college as a bowling player, but I still have enough affection to do club activities.”

After scoring 289 points, former lawmaker said, “I was worried that I would be a nuisance to my teammates by participating in the club league match since the player retired for a long time, but I did not know that I would challenge 10 consecutive strikes to perfection.” expressed his feelings.

“It was a very informative and enjoyable time with bowlers after a long time,” he added.

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