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“I’ll give you the account number later”… Gwacheon apartment landlords ‘guts’

“There are even cases where landlords do not send account numbers to buyers. Some raise tens of thousands of won from their seats. The atmosphere in the real estate market in Gwacheon has changed drastically.

” was It is an analysis that as house prices rebounded rapidly centering on the 3rd district of Gangnam, Seoul, Gwacheon, a’junior Gangnam’, was also affected by the rebound in Seoul house prices. The sewage treatment facility problem, which was a ‘stumbling block’ for reconstruction complexes, has also been partially resolved, pushing up house prices.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s actual transaction price disclosure system on the 13th, 84㎡ dedicated to ‘Gwacheon Xi’ in Byeolyang-dong, Gwacheon-si changed hands for 1.82 billion won on the 10th of last month. It is 30 million won lower than the 1.85 billion won recorded in April, but it is 275 million won higher than the 1.575 billion won (January) recorded earlier this year.

The 84㎡ dedicated to ‘Gwacheon Weaverfield’ also found a new owner for 1.83 billion won on the 31st of last month, up 300 million won from 1.53 billion won (January) traded earlier this year. The 59㎡ dedicated to ‘Central Park Prugio Summit’ in Burim-dong also signed a sales contract for 1.3 billion won last month, jumping 125 million won from 1.175 billion won recorded in January this year.

Apartments, which are more built than these complexes, are also rebounding. The 84㎡ dedicated to ‘Raemiansur’ in Wonmun-dong was traded for 1.43 billion won on the 14th of last month, up 210 million won from 1.22 billion won recorded in January.

A certified brokerage official in Wonmun-dong said, “As the urgent sales that have been piled up since the end of last year are recently exhausted, house prices are rising.” As it rebounds, Gwacheon, which is considered a ‘junior Gangnam’, is also being affected.”

A certified brokerage official in Wonmun-dong B also said, “As house prices rebound rapidly, landlords who expect the price to rise further increase the number of cases in which contracts are broken, such as collecting properties and even not giving accounts right before the contract.” There are landlords who ask for it,” he said.

Home prices in reconstructed complexes are also rebounding. The 54㎡ dedicated to ‘Jugong 9’ in Burim-dong was sold for 1.16 billion won on the 22nd of last month, a jump of 130 million won from the 1.03 billion won traded in February, and this 47㎡ complex was also sold for 1.095 billion won last month, the lowest recorded at the beginning of the year. It jumped 125 million won from 970 million won. The 83 square meters dedicated to ‘Jugong 8’ was traded for 1.52 billion won on the 27th of last month, up 50 million won from the previous low of 1.47 billion won.

The reason why housing prices in reconstruction complexes스포츠토토 gained momentum is that problems related to sewage treatment measures, which acted as an obstacle to reconstruction, were partially resolved. Since the sewage treatment plant in Gwacheon was built in 1986, the legally usable lifespan as well as the average daily treatment capacity have been greatly reduced. However, as the population of Gwacheon City steadily increased as the reconstruction progressed, sewage that exceeded the capacity to treat was generated and the reconstruction process was blocked.

An authorized brokerage official in Burim-dong C said, “Recently, reconstruction complexes have signed an agreement with Gwacheon City and are discussing in the direction of installing sewage facilities for each complex.” With the prospect that reconstruction will gain momentum, house prices in reconstructed complexes also rebounded,” he hinted.

Meanwhile, house prices in Gwacheon City rebounded. According to the weekly apartment price trend of the Korea Real Estate Agency, as of the first week of this month (5th), the house price in Gwacheon increased by 0.03%. It fell 0.02% the previous week, but it turned to an upward trend this week.

Buying sentiment also improved. The supply and demand index for Gyeongbu Volume 1, where Gwacheon is located, was 87.3, close to the 87.6 recorded in the fourth week of August (22nd) last year. It is an improvement of more than 20 points from 66.1 earlier this year. However, as the index is below 100, there are still more landlords who want to sell their homes than actual buyers who want to buy them.

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