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Ignoring a request to “keep me tied up while I go play with my granddaughter”…results in a dog bite in the 60s

Chief Judge Park Hyun-jin of the Wonju Support Criminal Division 2 of the Chuncheon District Court announced on the 7th that he sentenced Ms. A (67, female), who was charged with gross negligence, to one year in prison.

Ms. A was detained in court with the sentence안전놀이터.

Ms. A, who raised five pungsan dogs at her home in Hwaseong-gun, was charged with causing injuries that required medical treatment for more than four weeks when one of the four pungsan dogs that ran out of the kennel at 4:30 p.m. on May 8 last year bit both legs of a neighbor’s granddaughter, Ms. B (5).

The court found that Mr. A owed a duty of care to prevent dog bites by fixing the gate of the kennel or ensuring that the dog wore a leash and muzzle, but failed to do so, which led to the incident.

Furthermore, the investigation and trial established that the granddaughter’s grandparents had contacted another neighbor, Mr. C, on May 6, two days before the accident, to ask him to keep the dogs tied up as they were going to play with their children at the cottage directly below Mr. A’s house.

It was found that Mr. A ignored this specific request from the victim, leading to the tragic accident.

Chuncheon District Court Won Ju-jiwon
[Yonhap Photo]

“While breeding Pungsan dogs, a type of hunting dog and a medium-sized dog, he did not tie them up properly, causing inconvenience to nearby residents,” said Deputy Chief Judge Park. “It is recognized that the accident occurred because he did not fulfill his duty of care after receiving a specific request.”

“Ms. B’s wounds are deep, and it seems that disabilities and mental sequelae remain, and she needs continuous medical treatment and procedures,” the court said. “However, the sentence was set in consideration of the fact that the father’s dog prevented a major damage by biting the dog that was attacking the victim.”

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