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“If it wasn’t for Cho Hyun-woo, we might have been defeated”… Coach Hong Myung-bo, why ‘dissatisfaction’ after 6 consecutive wins? 

 Ulsan Hyundai manager Hong Myung-bo said he was dissatisfied with the performance in the second half against Suwon.

Ulsan held Suwon at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan on the 8th in Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 round 6 head-to-head, with Rubikson’s two goals in the 31st and 33rd minutes of the first half, and Kim Kyung-joong’s goal in the 34th minute of the second half스포츠토토, Suwon 2- cut to 1

After the opening, Ulsan, who recorded all 6 wins, consolidated their lead, while Suwon, who had their 4th loss (2 draws) of the season, maintained 11th place.

It was not an easy victory. In the first half, Rubikson’s multi-goal led Ulsan to a 2-0 lead. If it wasn’t for goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo, he could have conceded three more goals.

On this day, Cho Hyeon-woo saved Basani’s penalty kick and blocked Mulich’s shots in succession. Even at the end of the game, he recorded a decisive save, giving Ulsan a valuable victory point.

Coach Hong Myung-bo, who attended the post-game interview, said that the performance in the second half was unsatisfactory.

Coach Hong said, “I scored first in the first half and played in the second half. Nothing has changed from the first half. In the second half, I continued the same way I had done in the first half. Since we were winning 2-0, the players were in a low position.” looked back on

He continued, “I don’t know if there is any pressure to win 6 consecutive wins, but I think it was an important hurdle. If it wasn’t for Cho Hyun-woo’s save, it would have been a good match to lose,” he said, saying that he was dissatisfied with the overall performance.

“The second half of the game was also difficult in terms of physical strength. It was difficult for Mulich to come in and win the second ball. If we had fought as a team so far, today we could see the individual players fighting,” he regretted.

Still, he expressed satisfaction with winning three points, saying, “The good thing is that we have achieved results. It wasn’t a good game, but I think we passed a very important game well.”

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