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I spent 12 billion, but a replay of the last season? Hanwha at the corner of the road, prove its growth

Hanwha recorded 19 wins and 32 losses (.373) in the first 51 games played until May of last year, falling to ninth place. It was a big thing that I didn’t catch a few games that I could have won at the beginning of the season. Even though he played relatively well, he collapsed in the match.

The defeat at the beginning of the match in a situation where the team’s power was not good had a big impact on the team atmosphere. The story of Hanwha officials recalling that time was that they could not escape the sense of defeat. Hanwha could not overcome this atmosphere and ended the season with 46 wins, 96 losses and 2 draws (.324). The end of the ‘team with a weak player base’, which could not endure the beginning of the season when it was strong, was clearly decided.

So this year, I risked my life and death on my grades in April. Outside free agents (FA) such as Chae Eun-seong, Lee Tae-tae, and Oh Seon-jin were recruited for a large amount of money, and as the young players also accumulated experience, the power itself was considered to be better than last year. Even if there were no officials 토토사이트talking about the postseason, they were expecting a position and win rate that would allow them to finish last and challenge for a higher place. There was an expectation that once April was finished with good grades, another driving force would be generated.

However, the economy in April was not significantly different from last year. The game itself wasn’t bad. The mound is much better than last year. The number of games in which one-sided hits have decreased, and even if they do not win, they bite their opponents. In fact, out of 24 games in April, there were 16 games with a 3-point gap or less. The problem is that we didn’t win. In 16 games by 3 points or less, Hanwha only recorded 3 wins and 13 losses. This became the decisive background leading to the sacking of manager Carlos Subero.

The winning rate is gradually improving in May, but there is no decisive shot. Last weekend, the first series of coach Choi Won-ho’s new coach, the Incheon SSG 3-game series ended with 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw. It was a flow that could take the winning series, but in the end, the power to win was not enough. From the 16th to the 18th, in the 3rd game against Lotte held in Daejeon, even after the first game, they gave up two games and stayed with 1 win and 2 losses. It was regrettable that we couldn’t catch the flow of the match on the 16th when we could have won.

This year, Hanwha played 8 overtimes, the most in the league, and recorded 2 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws in this game, and did not have a 50% win rate. Even in close matches, the win rate is declining. The result is a win rate of 0.371 until the 18th. The win rate of 0.371 is no better than the win rate until May of last year. At least in the remaining May schedule, it is necessary to finish with a higher win rate than this, so that the minimum justification for the decision to ‘replace the manager’ can be obtained.

▲ Ricardo Sanchez, a new foreign pitcher who is contributing to the Hanwha mound ⓒReporter Kwak Hye-mi

The mound isn’t bad. He has an earned run average of 3.90 in 37 games this year. Although he is 7th in the league, he is better than the league average (3.94). The overall growth of the players has enriched the mound player base. Birch Smith’s injury was painful, but after the addition of new foreign player Ricardo Sanchez, he pitched decently.

The key is hitting. Even if the mound endures, it is a batting problem that Hanhwa plays a frustrating game. The mound has improved from last year, but the batting has yet to show any signs of that. Team batting average (.226) and team OPS (0.622) are both the lowest in the league. Coach Won-ho Choi is working hard to come up with a solution by reorganizing his lineup after he took office, but the effect has not yet come out. Since taking over as coach Choi, Hanwha’s average score is 3.2 points, which is still far from enough to create a stream.

There is a high possibility that Hanwha’s achievement of this season’s goal will be determined in the remaining month and a half of performance. If you achieve a reversal and the win rate rises to 0.400 or higher, the team atmosphere will be revived and you can create a minimum flow. In particular, if it is 0.450 or higher, the pleasant proposition of postseason challenge can be revived.

However, if it is still below 0.400 at that time, there is a high possibility that this year’s performance will not be able to escape the dodol mark. stood on the road Hanwha must prove its growth. It may hold the next three years in that it is very important for the cause of the newly launched Choi Won-ho regime.

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