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I ‘quietly’ left KakaoTalk, but I was invited again… 200 million people ‘escaped’ from Dantokbang

KakaoTalk’s “Leave Chat Room” feature has been quietly gaining popularity. Just 20 days after the feature was added, the number of users has exceeded 2 million.

According to Kakao on June 6, more than 2 million KakaoTalk users have activated the feature in the 31 days since it went live in the KakaoTalk Experiment on May 10. Kakao explained, “The number of users who have activated the experiment and can immediately utilize the chat room silently feature is the number of users who have activated the experiment스포츠토토, not the number of users who have actually left the group chat room silently.”

To leave a group chat room quietly without the other participants knowing, KakaoTalk users need to update the KakaoTalk app to the latest version, activate Labs, and choose to leave the chat room quietly. After that, the phrase “OOO has left” will not be displayed to other participants. If you leave without doing this, participants will still see the message ‘OOO has left’.

With the launch of the silent exit feature, Kakao expects to reduce the stress of users who have been bothered by unnecessary messages and notifications in group chat rooms. “A few years ago, there was an alumni group chat room invited by my high school classmates, and there were hundreds of participants, so when someone posted an obituary, hundreds of condolence comments would go off, and the alarm would go off, which was very inconvenient, but I couldn’t leave because I was worried about my relationship with my classmates.” “As soon as the feature was installed, I immediately left the chat room,” said Mr. G, an office worker.

Some users also expressed disappointment with the feature. The group ‘General Manager’ is in charge of running a group chat room. “The other day, I posted a meeting notice in my coworker’s room, but a few people didn’t come,” said Ms. N. “Later, I realized that I had left the room through the silent exit feature, but I didn’t realize it.” Mr. D, an office worker, said, “I tried to leave quietly, but since there were only about 10 people, I was dragged back by the secretary.”

Kakao aims to make communication between people and technology closer and safer, and is trying to improve the service by reflecting users’ opinions. We have already introduced ‘Accept/Reject Unknown Friend Chat Room Invitation’ to check whether to accept an invitation to a group chat room from a user who is not on your friend list, improved the usability of ‘Scheduled Message’ by removing the scheduled message display, and introduced the ‘Talk Siren’ feature for user safety. We’re also working on features that will allow you to easily turn off notifications and customize the way you receive them.

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