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“I must have accumulated a lot of mileage” Nucksal, Korea’s representative catcher who flew 19,000 km

Doosan Bears catcher Yang Eui-ji spent three days joining the national team.메이저놀이터

Yang Eui-ji, who was summoned to the national team, boarded a plane to Korea on the morning of the 12th (Korean time) in Sydney, Australia, the site of Doosan’s spring camp. Yang Eui-ji arrived in Incheon on the afternoon of the 12th, and left Incheon again on the afternoon of the 14th, and landed at Tucson Airport via LA. It took a total of three days and the flight distance reached about 19,000 km.

I had a day off, but it was hard work to keep going to the airport and enduring a long flight. Yang Eui-ji, who we met at the Tucson Airport on the 15th, said, “I am dazed after sleeping on the plane to adjust to the jet lag.”

On the 15th, Yang Eui-ji, who entered the national team’s accommodation and took a good night’s sleep, lightly digested his first training on the 16th. Yang Eui-ji, who met the reporters with a brighter expression, jokingly shared her feelings on the first day, “I didn’t sleep on the plane on purpose and slept early yesterday, so I seem to have adapted quickly. I think I’ve accumulated a lot of mileage.”

For Yang Eui-ji, the Taegeuk mark is a modifier that he can endure even when it is difficult. Yang Eui-ji has always wanted to wear the Taegeuk mark since playing baseball, and it is an honorable position. He has to go out and do his best no matter how sick or not. I think this team is actually the last. I was hit hard twice in the game against Japan, so I want to pay it back and I want to lead well with (Kim) Hyun-soo.”

Yang Eui-ji’s far and distant ‘Train to Tucson’ was accompanied by team juniors Jung Cheol-won and Kwak Bin. Yang Eui-ji, who received their ball from Sydney, said, “(Kwak) Bin has built a better body than I thought. (Jung) Cheol-won was good, but I think it will take time.

Yang Eui-ji continued, “I think the Korean national team is capable enough in this tournament. There are pitchers who throw fast balls and those who throw breaking balls well. Everyone has prepared well and will do well. I have to give back to my juniors as much as I received from good seniors. I think I do,” he said.

Lastly, Eui-ji Yang said, “I got a tablet yesterday and watched videos of players from other countries once. There are many videos that are easily accessible in Japanese baseball. I have to be vigilant because I keep getting decisive hits from Yamada (Tetsuto) in the Korea-Japan match. Murakami ( It won’t be easy for Munetaka),” he said, wary of the match against Japan.

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