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“I don’t have a college life romance… I bet everything on the top of climbing”

In order to be reborn as a signboard from a promising stock representing each event, a clear resume is required. The surest way is to prove your competitiveness by placing your name in the top ranks in international competitions such as the Asian Games, 먹튀검증 Olympics, and World Championships.

There is a player armed with a heroic determination to make 2023 a leap year. This is Seo Chae-hyeon (20), a national sports climbing representative. With more clear motivation than ever before, he has been spending a hot winter since December of last year.

For Seo Chae-hyun, this year is special. This is because the Hangzhou Asian Games and the World Championships, which can qualify for the Paris Olympics, will be held. As grades are important this year to achieve the two goals he has longed for, Seo Chae-hyun is increasing his intensity and digesting off-season training.

Seo Chae-hyun said, “Now is the time to prepare for a new season when the body is tired but the mind is comfortable. I am really obsessed with sport climbing, such as how to get better grades,” he said with a laugh.

Seo Chae-hyun, who was unfortunately unable to win a medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, is imagining standing at the top of the podium at the Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China in September. Seo Chae-hyun said, “I don’t think there’s anything more happiest than winning a gold medal at the Asian Games wearing the Taegeuk mark.” In my head, I just thought, ‘How can I do better?’” he explained.

I am confident as much as I won the gold medal at the Asian Championships held in the same way as the Asian Games in Hangzhou last October. Seo Chae-hyun emphasized, “After finishing last year’s Asian Championship with a victory, I became convinced that my skills were not inferior.” .

Prior to the Hangzhou Asian Games, the World Championships to be held in Bern, Switzerland in August is also an important schedule for Seo Chae-hyun. If you put your name in the top 3 of this event, you can go to the Paris Olympics. Seo Chae-hyun said, “I still remember the excitement I felt in Tokyo two years ago. As much as I want to feel special emotions once again, I am thoroughly preparing for the World Championships.”

Seo Chae-hyun, who said that she used the Tokyo Olympics as nourishment, which she missed out on, also revealed her extraordinary desire for an Olympic gold medal. “I want to finish third or higher in 2024, perhaps because I shed tears of regret in Tokyo,” he said. will,” he promised.

Just as there can’t be two suns under the sky, there are famous rivalries in sport climbing. Seo Chae-hyun’s rival is his same-age Mori Ai (Japan). Seo Chae-hyun, who said, “I have such a strong desire to win that I can’t sleep if I lose,” said that she never wants to lose to Mori. He said, “I am one of my best friends outside the stadium, but I am the strongest competitor on the field. I think my rival is a special existence that makes me stronger.

As the number of people who enjoy sports climbing has increased recently, Seo Chae-hyun’s popularity has also risen sharply. In particular, among the MZ generation who are obsessed with sports climbing, there is no one who does not know Seo Chae-hyun’s name. And that’s not all. An increasing number of promising sports climbers consider Seo Chae-hyun as their role model. Seo Chae-hyun said, “I am very grateful to the fans who support me. The energy I receive from the fans is tremendous. I never imagined that I would become someone’s role model. I will become a player,” he said.

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