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How long will KFA pay money to watch Klinsmann’s ‘legendary play’?

It is a ‘new world’ that I have never experienced before. However, the Korea Football Association (KFA) is essentially giving up. Despite several warnings, it remains unmanned.

A’s national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s ‘legendary play’ goes beyond common sense and is shocking. He boasts without any hesitation that he even asked Wales captain Aaron Ramsey (Cardiff City) for a uniform for his son. At least there is something called ‘dignity’ that a director must maintain. Europe is no different. Rather, more conservative standards are often applied.

There is something even more surprising. It is A-match period. He is getting rusty in Korean soccer. The international match period is a time when you have to give your all to the national team. However, Director Klinsmann attempted an ‘affair’ during this period as well. On the 10th (Korean time), he was torn about whether to play in a charity match between his former team Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

His name was proudly on the list of participating players. Although he ultimately did not participate, he threw a tantrum like a child until the last moment, saying, “It’s a charity game, so why not?”

Even though it went too far, it went too far. I completely forgot my duty. If he were a domestic manager, he would already be a ‘hard angle’. KFA probably wouldn’t have left it alone. However, he still does not recognize the seriousness of the situation.

The negative effects of ‘working from home’ are already appearing everywhere. The national team is short-lived. Players can only be called up at a time determined by FIFA. This year, they are March, June, September, October, and November. So it’s hard. Patience is also needed. In order to create the best synergy effect in a short period of time, understanding the players is fundamental and all plans must be in place.

However, there are also players who were selected without even seeing them in person. Since I was used for the national team after only watching 1-2 games, the clothes did not fit. By putting central resources on the side, defensive players on offensive players, and players with poor skills even in their own teams being ‘surprisingly selected’ and then put into the game, colorless and odorless results are bound to come out. You can’t feel any of his struggles on the pitch.

The 3 draws and 2 losses since Coach Klinsmann took over is no coincidence. I can’t shake the concern that he is using the empty space as a de facto ‘vacation’. This is why controversy arises over the failure to keep the promise of ‘domestic residence’.토토사이트

A bigger problem than Coach Klinsmann is KFA. Michael Müller, the Chairman of the National Power Strengthening Committee, who is supposed to control traffic in practice, is famously ineffective. Communication with Director Klinsmann is also not taking place properly.

Coach Klinsmann met with Sports Chosun in London, England on the 10th. He said that no one had ever said such a thing about residing in Korea. He also hoped to have conversations with K-League coaches, but it did not become a reality. He said that during the selection process for the Hangzhou Asian Games team, he had no knowledge of ‘military service obligation’.

At the same time, he said that his work is 90% KFA and 10% other work. He casually explained that it was an interview with the American media ESPN, which takes place once every two weeks, and an appointment with FIFA and UEFA. It is questionable how on earth KFA signed a contract with Coach Klinsmann.

If this continues, ‘Klinsman’s time’ will not be long. The same goes for KFA’s current executive team, which has abandoned its duties. Even now, we need to set the right direction. I would like to ask whether they would pay Coach Klinsmann an annual salary of close to 2 billion won and just keep watching him.

‘Eternal rival’ Japan scored 4 goals against ‘tank corps’ Germany on enemy territory and won 4-1. This is shocking news for Korean soccer. Japan is systematically developing its national team based on the long-term vision of coach Hajime Moriyasu, a domestic player. As was revealed in the Qatar World Cup, the goal of reaching the semifinals of the World Cup in 2030 and winning the title in 2050 is by no means an illusion.

On the other hand, what about Korean soccer? It is the turn of KFA President Chung Mong-gyu, who selected Coach Klinsmann, to provide an answer.

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