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Hong Ji-won·Park Min-ji·Tittikun, Pride Confrontation at Hanwha Classics

Ji-won Hong will defend the title at the Hanwha Classic, the first major tournament in the second half of the year (total prize money of 1.7 billion won, prize money of 306 million won).

The tournament will be held at Jade Palace Golf Club (par 72, 6777 yards) in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province for four days from the 24th.

The Hanwha Classic, whose predecessor was the Seoul Women’s Open, the first international tournament of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) in 1990, was promoted to a major tournament in 2017 and has established itself as the KLPGA’s best tournament with tradition and authority.

In particular, with the total prize money increased from 1.4 billion won to 1.7 billion won this year, the best players from home and abroad are expected to compete fiercely for the championship trophy.

Ataya Titikun, who won two career victories on the LPGA Tour, challenged the Hanwha Classic.

Tatikun said, “I am happy to be able to compete with Korean players by participating in major tournaments on the KLPGA tour. I will prepare well with the goal of winning.”

Among domestic players, defending champion Hong Ji-won is attracting attention.

After winning her first win at the Hanwha Classic last year, Hong Ji-won won the Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship this year, winning both major championships.

Hong Ji-won said, “The difficult course setting in major tournaments matches my propensity to play safely, so I think I’m getting particularly good results in major tournaments.” Because I managed it, I will do my best with the goal of defending the title.”

Han Jin-sun, who successfully defended her title at the High1 Resort Women’s Open last week, will challenge for a major championship.안전놀이터

Han Jin-sun said, “I set two goals this season, defending the title and winning a major tournament, and I achieved the first goal. Now, I will do my best to become the major queen, the second goal.” First of all, I will play with the goal of being in the top 5.”

Lee Ye-won, who is ranked number one on the money list, is also aiming for her first major tournament win. Lee Ye-won is showing off her performance without ups and downs, passing the cut in all competitions she has participated in this season.

Park Ji-young and Lim Jin-hee, tied for first place in the WeMade Grand Prize points section, and Park Min-ji, Park Hyun-kyung, Lee So-young, and Lee So-mi, who have 18 wins in the KLPGA tour, are also aiming for the championship.

Hanwha Q Cells members Lee Jung-min (31), Seong Yu-jin (23), Heo Da-bin (25), and Kim Ji-young 2 (27) are determined to show good performances in sponsored competitions.

This tournament is expected to fluctuate greatly in various rankings as the prize money and point allocation are large. Even Hong Ji-won, who ranked 7th in the prize money category, can aim for a leading position depending on the situation with one win.

In the target point category, Park Ji-young and Lim Jin-hee are tied for first place, and the gap in points from 3rd place is not large, so it is expected that the ranking will fluctuate greatly depending on the results of this tournament.

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