Hold both hands tight… A woman who met her grandmother who was a victim of the atomic bomb, her voice trembled at this moment

“Please be healthy. Come to your homeland once스포츠토토. We will see you.”

The President’s office reported on the 20th that President Yoon Seok-yeol met grandmother Park Nam-joo, a Korean victim of the atomic bombing, in Hiroshima, Japan on the 19th and said this. In a press announcement that day, the Office of the President said, “In the video of President Seok-Yeol Yoon’s meeting with Korean atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima, which was shared this morning, reporters have questions about what the President said to Chairman Park Nam-joo (91 years old), so we would like to confirm it.” said like this

Looking at the video posted on President Yoon’s YouTube that day, Chairman Park, who shook hands with President Yoon the day before, expressed his pleasure by wrapping President Yoon’s hands with both hands and touching his cheek. This was the reaction Chairman Park showed when President Yoon asked for a handshake as he stood up from his seat after his closing remarks at the meeting with the Hiroshima compatriots who were victims of the atomic bombing the previous day. Chairman Park was active as a Korean atomic bomb survivor in Hiroshima, and served as the second chairman of the Special Committee for Countermeasures for Korean Atomic Bomb Victims.

In the ensuing video, President Yoon said in a trembling voice, “When our compatriots were bombarded with atomic bombs, we were in a colonial state, liberated, and became independent. Then, he added, “As a result, our compatriots are experiencing hardship and suffering in a foreign country, but the government and state of the Republic of Korea were not by your side.”

On the next screen, as a closing remark, President Yoon said, “Everyone, you have worked hard, and on behalf of the government, I really apologize once again for not being able to be with you during difficult times.”

It doesn’t appear in the video, but Kwon Yang-baek, the former chairman of the memorial monument relocation committee, who was a victim of radiation exposure at President Yoon’s remarks at the event the previous day, said, “I am 80 years old. I was also hit by an atomic bomb when I was 2 years old,” he said, expressing his gratitude, “I feel thrilled as if I am dreaming today.”

On the 21st, President Yoon will jointly visit the memorial monument with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. It is the first time that the heads of Korea and Japan jointly pay homage to a memorial stone. It is also the first visit by a Korean leader.

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