‘Hidden MVP’ Daryl Monroe “Only the cherry on the cake remains”

In a crisis situation, the true value of veteran Daryl Monroe (37, 196.6cm) was demonstrated. He was truly the ‘hidden MVP’.

Anyang KGC won 81-70 come-from-behind victory in Game 3 of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Championship against Seoul SK held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 29th. After one loss, KGC had 2 wins in a row and 2 wins to win the 4th championship match in its career.

When Omari Spellman showed a scoreless hunt in the first quarter, KGC put in Monroe. Monroe played for only 2 minutes and 29 seconds at the end of the first quarter, and scored 5 points, including 1 3-point shot, as well as 1 assist and 1 steal each. KGC, which had been trailing 5-17, finished the first quarter with 14-18 after Monroe was put in.

KGC did not use a spellman throughout the second quarter. This is because there was an element of anxiety that he could get into foul trouble by being silent in the first quarter and committing two fouls. Monroe showed크크크벳 off his presence in the second quarter on behalf of Spellman. He scored 7 points and 6 rebounds, including a successful footback score, and even Oh Se-geun led the silent pursuit of KGC.

Monroe played an active role with 12 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists even after playing only 12 minutes and 29 seconds until the 2nd quarter. Monroe, who completed his mission, was away in the second half, but KGC scored a valuable come-from-behind victory as Spellman, who aimed at zero, scored 16 points in the second half. KGC was able to win thanks to Monroe, who eased the physical burden before Spellman showed his explosive power.

“I tried to be aggressive because I know it’s a very important game for both teams,” Munro said of the situation on the court in place of Spellman. We told our teammates the same, and we were able to win by putting what we had prepared into action.”

Monroe is also a mental coach that Spellman trusts and relies on. Was there any advice given to Spellman who was suffering from poor physical condition? When asked about this, Monroe said, “He was passive on offense and couldn’t play his game. He asked to see the rim. We need Spellman to score.”

The fact that it is the championship game to be held after captain Yang Hee-jong announces his retirement will also be a motivation. “Of course it is motivating. I know very well that the captain (Yang Hee-jong) has built a great career, and I am happy to be with him at the end.” Now, only the cherry on the cake remains.”

If you express it in lion idiom, wouldn’t it be ‘Hwaryongjeongjeong’? When asked about the expression ‘cherry on the cake’, Monroe laughed, saying, “If we change it to Korean style, wouldn’t it be kimchi and soju?”

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