‘Hard Reporting Ceremony’ Director Kim Byeong-soo, what to do with Suwon Samsung?

 Suwon Samsung coach Kim Byung-soo (53) held a ‘hard’ declaration ceremony. Head coach Kim Byung-soo made his Suwon command tower debut in the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ home game against Jeonbuk Hyundai held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 10th. On the 4th, he took the baton as the 8th command tower in Suwon온라인카지노.

Suwon was drifting. In the opening 11 games this season, they only recorded 1 win, 2 draws and 8 losses (5 points). Last month, coach Lee Byung-geun was sacked. Choi Seong-yong played 4 games under the system of acting coach. Suwon appointed manager Kim, aiming for a turnaround. Director Kim said, “I am well aware that it is a very difficult situation. I have a mindset that I have to recognize the situation and seek changes little by little from there. I will try to improve with confidence.”

There was a sense of anticipation. When coach Kim was in charge of Gangwon FC, he played aggressive football aiming for goals by increasing possession and increasing the number of shots in the opponent’s camp. He focused on scoring while playing attacking football like a stickler. Fans put the modifier ‘Byungsoo Ball’ in front of his name.

The problem occurred even before the lid was opened. Power analysis content was published on a private betting site under the name of Kim Tae-ryung, the power analyst who was appointed with coach Kim, and it became controversial. On the 10th, the club said, “Analyst Kim worked for the company in the past. I found out that he is still in charge of advisor. It was confirmed that the person in charge of the company uploaded it under the name of Analyst Kim.”

Coach Kim was asked about analyst Kim even before his debut match. He said, “I don’t look at the Internet well. I received a report, but now I know that the matter is being checked at the club level. I don’t know the exact situation.” Manager Kim seemed to focus on the game rather than what happened off the field. However, his debut match was truly the worst. He conceded the opening goal to Jeonbuk Moon Seon-min just 21 seconds after kick-off. In the 5th minute of the second half, Basani injured his knee during the ball competition and was substituted. In the 19th minute of the second half, defender Bultuis was sent off due to accumulated warnings. Director Kim’s ‘Byeongsu Ball’ became a ‘knockout’ before it even settled in Suwon. Suwon was completely defeated 0-3 amid bad news on and off the field.

Manager Kim said, “I think the impact of conceding too quickly was great. I think the position of pressure was too high. I think I was excited. I couldn’t protect the ball and lost it. There was no scene on the offensive side that could hurt the opponent.” said.

Suwon will play an away game against Gangwon on the 13th. There is no proper reversal card. Director Kim said, “I think it will be a little easier to organize the members if the injured come in. Now I feel like I’m blocking the empty seats.”

On the 11th, Suwon terminated the contract with analyst Kim, who caused controversy with the contents of a private betting site. The club said, ‘Analyst Kim has expressed his intention to resign in order to feel responsible and not burden the manager and the club. The club decided to accept it. In the future, we will conduct a more thorough verification before appointing staff.” Suwon started cleaning up the noise in front of him.

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