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Gwangju FC starts winter training for next season

Nevertheless, he humbled himself, saying, “There are still many shortcomings.” Na Sang-ho coldly diagnosed himself, saying, “In the second half of the game against Ghana, my teammates hit a lot of shots, but I didn’t record a single shot.”

He said that he hadn’t played before Portugal, but it was an honor to be part of a historic moment. Na Sang-ho recalled, “Everything was like a dream, such as Heechan’s winning goal, watching the game between Uruguay and Ghana, and the national anthem that head coach Sergio Costa sang in the locker room after the game.” 메이저사이트

The match against Brazil taught me a lot as a soccer player. He said, “I was amazed to see Rafinya avoiding (Hwang) In-beom’s tackle. I tried to learn those aspects one by one.” Regarding the ‘ceremony controversy’ of Brazilian players, he said, “Of course, they can be angry, but they were enjoying the stage of the World Cup as much as that.”