“Goal of 20 wins” was not a lie! Buchanan, the strongest Yomiuri hitter was put to sleep

When asked about his goals for this season to David Buchanan (Samsung), whom he met at camp in Okinawa, Japan last month, he replied, “Last year, I was left with regret due to an injury, but I will do really well this year to show the power of an ace. My goal is to achieve 20 wins.” did. 메이저놀이터

In 2020, the first year of his debut, David Buchanan broke the Samsung foreign pitcher’s cruelty by stepping on the 15-win high. He won 16 wins (5 losses) in 2021, setting a new record for the most wins in a personal season and tied for first place in the most wins category with Eric Yokishi (Kiwoom). 

Buchanan went 11-8 (3.04 ERA) in 26 games last year. On July 23 last year, he injured his right thumb while catching Kim Jun-wan’s ball with his bare hands during the match against Kiwoom in Gocheok, so he was absent for over a month. If it wasn’t for the injury, it would have been possible to achieve 15 wins for 3 consecutive years, which even Nippert, the first foreign pitcher to achieve 100 wins, couldn’t achieve. 

The achievement of 20 wins that Buchanan set as a goal was not a lie. On the 4th, in a practice game against the Yomiuri Giants held at Cellular Stadium in Naha, Okinawa, Japan, he properly proved his value. 

Samsung was in a swamp of 6 consecutive victories in the Okinawa League before the match. The shoulders of Buchanan, who was in charge of the starting position, were also heavy. 

Yomiuri: Rui Okoe (left fielder) – Yoshihiro Maru (right fielder) – Sho Nakata (1st baseman) – Riku Masuda (3rd baseman) – Daiki Yoshikawa (2nd baseman) – Hayato Sakamoto (DH) – Makoto Kadowaki (shortstop) The starting lineup consisted of Seiji Kobayashi (catcher) and Seiya Matsubara (center fielder). 

Buchanan faced a formidable opponent. After giving up an infield hit to Rui Okoe, the first batter in the first inning, he relieved himself by inducing Yoshihiro Maru to double play. He allowed consecutive hits to Sho Nakata and Riku Masuda. He was on the verge of conceding, but he did not lose his composure. He ended the inning by handling Daiki Yoshikawa with a ground ball to second base. 

After successfully escaping the crisis, Buchanan regained a sense of stability. 

In the second inning, Hayato Sakamoto (right fielder grounder), Kadowaki Makoto (second base grounder), and Kobayashi Seiji (shortstop grounder) were thrown out in three ways. In the 3rd inning, Seiya Matsubara was lightly turned around with a center fielder fly, and then Rui Okoe and Yoshihiro Maru were subdued with a shortstop ground ball and a fly ball to second base, respectively. 

Buchanan, who performed his role well with 3 hits and no runs in 3 innings, passed the mound to left-hander Lee Sang-min in the 4th inning. Samsung defeated Yomiuri 4-3 and reported their first victory in the Okinawa League.

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