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Go Young-Jun + Baek Seong-Dong 9 goals collaboration… ‘No. 1 help’ linked to Jeka’s dedication

We must not forget the ball of Pohang Steelers foreign striker Jeka.

Jeka wore the Pohang uniform this season. Pohang, who had a thirst for a frontline striker, made a bold decision to bring him. However, Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong was very worried as Jeka could not fully digest the winter training due to injuries and childbirth.

Nonetheless토스카지노, Zecca performed satisfactorily from the opening match. He actively fought the opponent’s defense at the forefront and added strength. Above all, Zecca quickly adapted to Pohang’s soccer style with excellent linkage play. However, Zeca is not an authentic striker. He is a type of striker with a wide range of activities capable of side attacks rather than winning and defending the ball.

Pohang Jeka. offer | Korea Professional Football Federation

There are also regrets. it’s just a score Zeca has only scored one goal in 13 matches. After scoring against Jeonbuk Hyundai (2-1 win) in the 5th round, he has been silent for 8 games. He scored fewer goals than Lee Ho-jae (three goals), who is mainly playing as a substitute. It wasn’t that there wasn’t a chance. Zeca attempted 30 (3rd) shots in 13 games, with 11 (6) shots on target.

Even so, he contributes a lot to the team. Director Kim also highly appreciates Zecca’s dedication and contribution. His strengths are not only his opponent’s defense and active physical fights, but also his tireless stamina and amount of activity. Jeka is ranked first in the competition ground (24). It means that the contribution is also great defensively.

Jeka’s dedication like this is rather creating opportunities for second line resources. This is how the 2nd line resources make the most of the space created when Jeka falls to the side or comes down to the 2nd line. Koh Young-jun (5 goals) and Baek Seong-dong (4 goals) are in the top 10 in scoring. Jung Jae-hee is also scoring two goals, though he is out with an injury. These three account for more than half of Pohang’s total score (19 goals). Jeka is first in this category with five assists. Considering that Pohang’s total help is 15, it is a significant share.

Although Zecca’s score is only one goal, the role and contribution that Zecca plays is certainly large. The reason why Pohang scored so many goals in the second half is because Jeka made enough of the opponent’s defenders to consume their stamina. It is impossible to talk about the participation and performance of the second-line resources without mentioning Jeka’s contribution.

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