Gervonta Davis forces Hector Garcia to quit on his stool, sets up massive bout vs. Ryan Garcia

Hector Garcia fought Gervonta Davis about as well as anyone has fought him and he didn’t come close to winning. Davis, like he often does, started extremely slow against Garcia on Saturday at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., in their bout for a secondary lightweight title. 안전놀이터

When Davis starts to feel it, however, it’s usually lights out for the guy on the other side of the ring.

Davis ended the bout Saturday after eight rounds, as a flurry late in Round 8 left Garcia unable to see. Garcia asked his corner to stop the bout and it gave Davis his 28th win without a loss as well as his 26th win by knockout.

It also potentially sets up a fascinating and hugely significant fight with Ryan Garcia (no relation to Hector) on April 15.

There are always questions around Davis. This time, he got arrested for domestic violence 10 days before the fight and spent a night in jail. But the alleged victim recanted, Davis was released and he didn’t allow the arrest nor the interruption to his schedule to bother him.

Now, he faces a court date next month for leaving the scene of an accident in 2021. Assuming he isn’t put in jail, he’ll transition to what shapes up as not only the most significant fight of his career but one of the most intriguing fights in boxing.

Ryan Garcia is lightning fast, unlike Hector Garcia, and that speed brings exceptional power with it. But Ryan could ask Hector about Davis’ power. Hector was reasonably competitive, though two judges had it 79-73 and the other had it 78-74 at the time of the stoppage. Yahoo Sports had Davis ahead 77-75.

Davis began to open up in the fourth and it slowly broke Hector down. No one has been able to stand up to Davis when he’s landing those clean straight lefts, the crushing uppercut and the devastating right hook.

It seemed to be an overhand left late in the eighth that led Hector to rethink things and eventually tell his corner enough was enough.

“I knew he was hurt,” Davis said. “He was hurt bad, but he’s a fighter and he attempted to hide it.”

He couldn’t hide it for long. As he made his way to the corner on unsteady legs after the eighth, he told trainer Bob Santos, “I can’t see. I can’t see.”

Santos talked briefly with him but Hector didn’t get off the stool when the bell to start the ninth began. Ultimately, the official time of the TKO was 13 seconds into Round 9.

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