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Female Kang Baek-ho rises “Slam dunk frenzy? I fell in love with the charm of basketball”

The craze for the basketball animation ‘The First Slang Dunk’ hit the Korean film industry early this year. The momentum of the tremendous box office performance, which attracted more than 4.65 million viewers, has been dampened, but the fever has not cooled down yet.

No, maybe it’s burning even hotter. right on the coat. The passion for basketball ignited by the slam dunk is heating up the court.

In particular, not only men but also women clubs who actually enjoy basketball are increasing. It started with curiosity after watching Slam Dunk, but it seems that he was completely immersed in the charm of basketball.

Coach Heo Jin-soo, who is in charge of the basketball class at Gangseo-gu Min Olympic Sports Center in Seoul, said, “I have been coaching members for more than 20 years, but this is the first time the number of members has increased as much as this year.” He continued, “There have been very few female members, but eight have registered.”

In the meantime, this basketball class has been operating with about 10 to 15 people, but this year, 25 people filled the quota. Coach Huh explained, “In fact, more people have applied for the course, and there have been complaints to increase the number of students, so we are considering increasing the number to 30.” The Seoul Junggye District Sports Center’s basketball classes, which are coached by coach Oh Kwang-taek, who played an active part in SBS and E-Land, have increased by one class and now have two classes of 30 students each. 20 out of 60 members are female.

In the Gangseo-gu Olympic Sports Center basketball class, which is held every Saturday afternoon, 8 female members, from the youngest university freshman, wrestle with the basketball while sweating with the male members. Despite the rigorous teaching methods emphasized by Coach Heo, who graduated from Korea University and Samsung Pro, he is not bored (unlike Kang Baek-ho, the main character of Slam Dunk) and is quietly digesting basic training such as dribbling.

Gangseo-gu Sports Center basketball class members training. no cut news

Park Seon-woo (left) is practicing dribbling under the strict guidance of coach Heo Jin-soo. no cut news

Park Seon-woo (32), a freelance writer, said, “I was so moved after watching the Slam Dunk movie. I started because I wanted to feel like a character in a movie while playing basketball. Mr. Park smiled, saying, “But playing basketball is so much fun.”

Mr. Park said, “There are quite a few women like me who started watching movies and fell in love with basketball.” He emphasizes, “I work as a writer, but I can relieve stress, exercise, and kill two birds with one stone.”

Basketball is also a sport that makes men’s blood boil. Lee Seong-wook (32), an office worker who also joined this basketball class this year, said, “I used to like basketball, and I did exercise occasionally.” said.

The feelings of the ‘founding contributors’ who have been participating since the basketball classroom was founded in the early 2000s are also new. The eldest brother Shim Jeong-hoon (55) said with a happy expression, “Even in the early days of the basketball class, I couldn’t imagine having a female member.” Kim Sang-hyun (51) also said, “Looking at popularity these days, it reminds me of the old basketball party days.” Park Jeong-je (49) also said, “School days.

In the 7th game of the professional basketball championship match held at the Anyang Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 7th, the Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation players cheered after winning the championship by defeating Seoul SK in a crowd of 5,905 people, the highest for the season. yunhap news메이저사이트

Moon Seong-eun, secretary general of the Korea Basketball Association, said, “We do not have accurate statistics yet because registration is done on a yearly basis.” According to the association, as of last year, there were 230 registered club clubs and 6,810 players. The number of 3×3 basketball clubs, which are mainly held on outdoor courts, increased significantly from 1086 in 2021 to 1731 last year, and was counted to 1788 by March of this year.

Regarding this, Director Moon said, “In fact, because indoor sports almost stopped during Corona 19, the number of registered basketball clubs was reduced by almost half.” “However, with the recent resurgence of popularity, it is highly likely that the number will recover or increase to the pre-Corona 19 level due to the end-of-year survey.”

Basketball enjoyed explosive popularity in the 1990s, causing a syndrome, including a basketball party, the cartoon ‘Slam Dunk’, and the drama ‘The Last Match’. It served as the basis for the launch of professional basketball (KBL), but after that, its popularity cooled due to the lack of stars due to sluggish international competitions, the introduction of a foreign player system, and failure to find promising players. It was even said that the leader of winter sports was also given over to volleyball.

However, players with star qualities such as Heo Ung (Jeonju KCC) and Heo Hoon (Sangmu), sons of former national team coach Heo Jae-jae, the “President of Basketball” The new generation of big players is showing a different aspect. Director Moon said, “When I saw the KBL championship game and national team games between Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation and Seoul SK, where famous games were played, the number of young female fans increased a lot. put on a hostile expression.

Has basketball spring come? It remains to be seen whether the basketball boom sparked by the movie ‘Slam Dunk’ will not stop at the frenzy and lead to the popularity of the former heyday.

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