“Feeling reborn, I thought I was dying” Duo already 150 km, different ways to cope with crisis

 It was not easy to maintain composure in a nightmare-like moment.

The KIA Tigers team, who failed to land at LA Airport in bad weather and experienced fearful skies. At that moment, what kind of feeling it must have become an inexhaustible list of questions from the reporters.

The two new foreign pitchers were no exception.

Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina. Two pitchers who will fulfill the long-cherished wish of KIA, which dreams of ‘Again 2017’.

At the same time, they also experienced the dreaded LA flight nightmare.

But the feeling was quite different. Of course, the reaction was different. Anderson’s first impression.

“The weather was really bad. The captain’s comments kept flowing. My English-speaking fellow players (American Airlines at the time) kept asking me, ‘Are we really okay?’ It was a moment of reassurance. It was the moment when I properly woke up the players. Thanks to that shock, wouldn’t everyone do well this year? (Laughs)” A witty

answer that was as light as shock therapy.

But Medina’s reaction was quite different. The reaction similar to that of domestic players comes back.

“It feels like I was born again. I thought I was going to die. Now that I was born again, I will be able to show my best skills. (Laughs)”메이저놀이터

Anderson and Medina took the mound side by side against the Samsung Lions held at Akama Ball Park in Onna-son, Okinawa, Japan on the 1st. They played 2 innings each. First official match. It was more than expected.

During the first two innings, Anderson showed off a perfect two by striking out half of the six batters, three batters, with a fast ball of up to 153 km per hour. Medina, who took the mound after Anderson, recorded 3 hits and 1 strikeout in 2 innings. At first glance, the record was inferior to Anderson, but it was a force comparable to Anderson in terms of fastball and breaking ball balance, and the possibility of adapting to the KBO League.

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