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Farewell with tears… “The day we win, let’s party together”

The day we win, let’s party together.”

The manager suddenly changed. On the 11th, professional baseball Hanwha announced the farewell to former manager Carlos Subero. Coach Subero has led the team since the 2021 season. He has shared a strong bond beyond a simple스포츠토토 coach and player. Everyone was shocked by the sudden news. Same goes for the squad. I didn’t know until the end of the Daejeon Samseongjeon. While greeting each other in the locker room, Noh Si-hwan and Lee Won-seok could not hold back their tears. Director Subero is said to have shook hands with each and every one of them and spared no thanks.

The team atmosphere is bound to be heavy. The same goes for ‘Captain’ Jung Woo-ram. Ahead of this season, head coach Subero directly nominated him. He is also the best on the team. During his career as a player, he made connections with several captains, but the feelings he felt wearing the captain’s armband were different. Jung Woo-ram said, “After taking the captaincy, I learned a little about the grievances of people in positions of responsibility.” “Director Subero is a person who worked hard for Hanwha. He knows the players well too. He said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t respond properly.”

can’t sit down The way to reciprocate is to not forget the teachings and develop to become a better player. Infielder Jung Eun-won said, “I learned a lot from coach Subero,” and then said, “He paid a lot of attention, especially in the defensive part. When I play a double play, there is something I do on second base (pivot play), but thanks to the coach, it became much faster. Now I have the confidence to do better than anyone else. Through various training methods, I was able to learn such details. I think he will be remembered a lot.”

Until the end, coach Subero cheered for Hanwha’s tomorrow. Jung Woo-ram said, “Director Subero told us that Hanwha is a team that can improve enough, so we need to work a little harder.” Jung Eun-won said, “He emphasized, ‘Become the best player, you have the qualities to become. He even accepted a promise to visit Korea once. He said he wanted to celebrate the day he won. I think it served as an opportunity to settle my mind.”

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