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‘End Home Run’ Kim Ha-seong, why did he say “I’m sorry” to his colleague back-to-back?

 Korean major leaguer Kim Ha-seong (27, San Diego Padres먹튀검증) became the protagonist of a walk-off home run for the first time since his major league debut.

Ha-seong Kim exploded a solo home run in the bottom of the 9th inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2023 Major League Baseball held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 4th (Korean time), giving the team a 5-4 victory with a home run.

Kim Ha-seong, who quickly became the hero of the team’s victory. However, Ha-seong Kim left the word “I’m sorry” to teammate David Dahl after the game. For what reason?

Dahl, who entered the plate ahead of Ha-seong Kim, hit a solo home run in the left middle wall, and San Diego tied the score 4-4 and was able to revive the game. Ha-seong Kim, who appeared next, hit a home run to finish.

After the game, Kim Ha-seong said in an interview with local media such as the ‘San Diego Union-Tribune’, “I feel sorry for David because I seem to have been in all the spotlight.”

Kim Ha-seong decorated the main page of Major League Baseball’s official homepage (MLB.com) with a walk-off home run, and also participated in an interview with a broadcasting company. During Ha-seong Kim’s interview, colleagues such as Xander Bogatz, Juan Soto, and Jose Azocar congratulated Ha-seong vigorously (?) by spraying ice water and ionic beverages on Ha-seong Kim. Kim Ha-seong laughed about his feelings at the time, saying, “It was really cold.”

Ha-seong Kim said “I’m sorry” to the moon, but the person in charge, the moon, was excited about breaking a dramatic tie. Dahl said, “It’s a very exciting moment,” and expressed his feelings by saying, “I still have a fever and my body is shaking.”

How was Kim Ha-seong able to operate the home run gun? Ha-seong Kim, who said, “I thought the opposing pitcher would pitch aggressively without letting me walk,” said Kim Ha-seong, “I was looking at the ball coming into the strike zone, but the ball came in and I was very happy to hit a home run.” talked Kim Ha-seong hit Scott McGuff’s 90-mile (145 km) slider and crossed the left fence. In that way, Ha-seong Kim finished off his first home run of the season with his home run.

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