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‘Double & Triple & 2 Steal’ Ohtani, New York is your home game? Applause at every turn → Group booing at intentional 4 pitches

A fatal injury called elbow ligament damage was discovered ahead of the free agency, but Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is still a popular star nationwide. He went to base with an intentional fourth pitch in an away game, and there was even a rare scene where the home team fans booed him. Received support from everyone, Ohtani ran as usual, including doubles, triples and two stolen bases, even with an elbow injury.

On the 27th (Korean time), Ohtani appeared as the designated hitter twice in the 2023 Major League Baseball game against the New York Mets held at Citi Field in Queens, New York, New York, USA, recording 2 hits, 2 walks, 1 RBI and 2 steals in 3 at-bats. His batting average rose to 0.307 and his OPS to 1.084. After the elbow injury, Ohtani vomited the spirit of bursting long hits in all three games. He even attempted to steal a base twice and was successful on both occasions.

It exploded from the 1st time. Ohtani hit a double with no runners on the first run. Against Mets starter Carlos Carrasco, with a ball count of 2-1, he hit a super-large foul home run that slipped slightly to the side of the right pole, and after an 8-pitch match, he finally made a double that landed to the right of center fielder.

Carrasco, who had been dealing with Ohtani with ever-changing balls such as curve, changeup, slider, and sinker, threw a fastball for the first time, and this ball entered the strike zone high and became a misfire. Ohtani’s ball hit the fence with a one-bound. Ohtani scored the first goal on Brandon Drury’s timely hit.

He also hit a long hit with two outs and first base in the second inning with a 3-0 lead. This time, he hit Carrasco’s slider and landed it in the right corner of the outfield. Luis Lenhipo scored to make the score 4-0. Ohtani strode forward and was judged safe at third base. Season 8 triple. With this at-bat, he tied for the lead in triples in the American League with Bobby Witt Jr. (Kansas City).

Following the first inning, Drury’s timely hit broke out again, and Ohtani stepped home. On this day, Ohtani added another record by adding two points to reach 100 points. He completed the ‘Quartro 100’, recording all 100 hits -100 runs -100 innings -100 strikeouts in one season. He doesn’t pitch anymore this season, but he passed 100 strikeouts in 100 innings early. Ohtani has 145 hits, 100 runs, and 167 strikeouts in 132 innings.

In the fourth, he caught his opponent right off the bat. With two out and no runners on base, he walked and then stole second and third bases in succession. Season 18 and 19 stolen bases came out in one inning. After 26 steals in 2021, I am looking forward to 20 steals in a season again in two years. It is also a record made by running with an injured elbow.

Regarding Ohtani’s streak of stolen bases after the game, Angels manager Phil Nevin said, “Everyone knows he can run. He rarely steals bases when he’s out as a pitcher, but when he doesn’t, he runs. I think we’ll see more of them in the future.” expected

In the 7th inning, he came out as the lead batter and hit a fly ball to center fielder. In the ninth inning with a 5–3 lead, he got a scoring opportunity after Leng Hippo went on base with a double after two outs. Ohtani stepped on first base with an automatic and intentional fourth pitch. ‘Former Lotte Giants’ Brooks Reilly, who is strong against left-handed batters, was on the mound, but the Mets bench deliberately chose 4 pitches.

Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported the atmosphere at Citi Field that day. “In the crowd, even the fans in Mets T-shirts went crazy for Ohtani. Every time he hit a big foul or showed off his quick feet, the stadium was engulfed in loud cheers. There was a lot of booing as if asking for a show.” This is the part where you can feel Ohtani’s nationwide popularity.토토사이트

With Ohtani’s performance at the forefront, the Angels beat the Mets 5-3 and went on a winning streak. They defeated the Mets for two days in a row, who are suffering from a kind of commotion, not being able to use their strength even with the highest single-season annual salary expenditure ever. Even with this victory, the Angels are recording -4 wins with a 50% win rate with 63 wins and 67 losses.

The Angels’ last .500 winning percentage season was 85-77 in 2015 (0.525 winning percentage). After winning first place in the American League West in 2014, he had a winning season (over 50% win rate) for two consecutive years, but failed to advance to the postseason due to the Texas Rangers (88-74) and the Houston Astros (86-76). After that, I couldn’t enjoy fall baseball for 8 years, and for 7 years, the win rate was below 50%. The situation is not good this year either.

On the 27th, the remarks of Angels general manager Perry Minassian drew criticism. Ohtani brought up the story of refusing an MRI before the elbow injury. It may have been thought of as a transparent disclosure of information, but it was a remark that could be regarded as ‘avoidance of responsibility’ depending on the view.

Director Minassian said on the same day, “When I was judged early due to finger cramps, I was recommended to have a checkup, but the Ohtani agency refused. The reason is understandable. You can think that there is no reason to get tested just because of the middle finger spasm.” Fans intuited a farewell between the two at the remarks with the meaning of ‘the club wanted a test, but the player did not want it’.

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