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“Don’t throw”…over 120 kilograms of coins at Iguazu Falls

More than 120 kilograms of coins have been collected from Iguassu Falls, one of South America’s top tourist destinations, Brazilian media reported안전놀이터.

At a national park on the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls, which divides the border between Brazil and Argentina, national park employees and volunteers collected coins that were thrown into the falls in honor of World Environment Day, according to local media on Friday.

According to park officials, more than 120 kilograms of coins had been collected by 1 p.m. that day. The value was around 2,000 reais (about $530). The amount is expected to be much higher once the collection is complete.

“The collection is necessary because some tourists come here and throw coins to make wishes, which has a negative impact on the environment,” said André Mashadou Frangini, the national park manager. “Improving people’s awareness of the environment is paramount to preserving the natural wonder that is Iguazú Falls.”

Biologists point out that large amounts of coins dissolve over time and release heavy metals such as nickel and copper, causing water pollution. In addition, fish and waterfowl often mistake the coins for food and eat them. The coins collected from the site will be used for environmental projects in the national park.

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