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Did you get sick before the Yankees… Although he avoided major injuries, the 156-win pitcher in the US is expected to leave again

 Kenta Maeda (Minnesota Twins), who returned to the mound after undergoing Tommy John surgery and has returned to the mound, is expected to break away from the lineup once again.

Maeda started on the 27th (Korean time) in the 2023 major league home match against the New York Yankees held at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and pitched the worst with 11 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts and 10 runs (10 earned) in 3 innings. left

Maeda voluntarily went down the hill on August 22, 2021, feeling something wrong with his body during a confrontation with Giancarlo Stanton against the New York Yankees. At the time, Maeda was diagnosed with Tommy John surgery through two examinations. Of course, he could have been treated with drugs and injections, but in order to live a little longer, Maeda chose surgery.

After a long rehabilitation, Maeda stood on the mound from the demonstration game. And he went 1-1 with an ERA of 4.91 in 5 games (4 starts). He had no problems with the area he had surgery on, and he joined the starting rotation and went out to play the regular season. However, a problem occurred in the game against the Yankees스포츠토토 on the 27th.

From the beginning of the game, Maeda threw a difficult pitch, such as being hit by concentrated fire from the Yankees lineup, but this time, he voluntarily sent a signal to the bench in the middle of pitching in the 4th inning and went down the mound. It was against the Yankees that the Tommy John surgery started, and it was against the Yankees that he got injured again after returning to the mound. It doesn’t seem to match the Yankees game.

According to the US ‘MLB.com’ and Japan’s ‘Sports Hochi’, Maeda underwent an MRI examination on the 28th. First of all, the results of the examination are not serious. He revealed that he had symptoms of muscle tightness and inflammation. However, it seems likely that she will be placed on the injured list (IL). Coach Rocco Baldelli said, “We will need a break for the time being.”

As he suffered a serious injury, he has no choice but to be cautious in Minnesota. Even in the middle of this month, Maeda skipped a start because he complained of arm fatigue. Maeda said, “I talked to a few players who had Tommy John surgery, and they said it was normal to feel this way after surgery.”

Continuing, Maeda said, “I think I would have been more worried if I had felt this way in a situation where I hadn’t had Tommy John surgery. Still, I’m a little relieved to hear the stories of players who have undergone Tommy John surgery.”

Maeda, who stood on the mound for the first time in two years, faced the Miami Marlins in his comeback match, despite giving up one run in five innings, he was not supported by the other line and suffered a loss. And he recorded 4 runs in 6 innings (4 earned) against the Chicago White Sox, 1 run in 2 innings (1 earned) against Boston, and 10 runs (1 earned) in 3 innings against the Yankees, posting an earned run average of 9.00 in 4 losses this year. in progress

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