DB Kim Jong-kyu, the secret to his success is his earnestness toward the PO

Kim Jong-kyu, who played a big role in the double-double, expressed his earnest desire to advance to PO.

Wonju DB center Kim Jong-gyu (31, 207cm) recorded a double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 25th. Thanks to Kim Jong-kyu’s performance, DB won a thrilling 1-point come-from-behind victory (84-83) against Gas Corporation and ran 5 consecutive victories.

It was literally a miraculous victory. DB스포츠토토, who finished the first half with a score of 39-49, could not turn the tide until the end of the fourth quarter. He pursued tenaciously and made a tie, but each time he was one point short of passing Gas Corporation.

Nevertheless, DB, including Kim Jong-gyu, came together with earnestness. The chase continued until the end of the game, and at the same time as the ending buzzer, Lee Seon Albano’s come-from-behind 3-point shot won a valuable victory.

In response, Kim Jong-gyu said, “The fact that we won a dramatic come-from-behind victory in the last home game of this season seems really dramatic. With the victory today (25th), I was able to continue my hopes for PO, and I got more motivation. He said he wanted to thank Albano for putting in the buzzer beater (laughs).”

Kim Jong-kyu, who led the team’s 5th consecutive win by recording a double-double in 4 games, showed his earnestness for PO on the court. After a series of dunks at the end of the 4th quarter, he roared loudly, boosting the team’s mood, and the heat in Wonju Gymnasium was hot.

Kim Jong-gyu said, “It is not yet time to give up PO. I am holding out hope that I can do it. It is a situation where you can’t save your physical problems because of the remaining games. I will pour into the upcoming game and one game and squeeze all my strength,” he said, revealing his eagerness to advance to the PO.

DB, who can save the possibility of advancing to PO only by winning all remaining games, must deal with leading KGC and rising SK. It remains to be seen whether DB and Kim Jong-gyu, who have won 5 consecutive victories with thrilling come-from-behind wins, can use a miracle.

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