Daegu International Marathon prize money $160,000 from next year… more than Boston

Starting next year, the marathon with the world’s largest prize money will be held in Daegu. Daegu City raised the prize money for the ‘2024 Daegu International Marathon’ to $160,000 (approximately KRW 212 million), four times higher than the previous $40,000, in order to highlight the image of a land city and enhance the status of the event held 메이저사이트for more than 20 years. It was announced on the 20th that it would be paid. Awarded to both male and female winners. This is more than the Boston Marathon ($150,000), which is evaluated as the world’s most prestigious marathon.

The city has held marathons 22 times so far this year. This year’s competition was held on the 2nd and a total of 15,123 people participated, including 184 athletes from 16 countries.

The city also set the total prize money for the 1st to 10th places at $885,538, which is more than the Boston tournament ($724,000). Previously, the total prize money was $250,000.

In the world, there are usually six major international marathons, including Boston, New York (total prize money: $572,000), London ($313,000), Berlin ($206,235), Chicago ($200,000), and Tokyo ($200,000). $200,000) marathon, etc. The prize money for the first place winner in Korea has also been raised from 5 million won to 20 million won.

Separately, the city pays 100,000 dollars (132.8 million won) considering the exchange rate from the existing 100 million won to an athlete who sets a new world record, and 100 million won by adding 50 million won to the player who achieves a new Korean record. I decided to give a circle. The prize money for the tournament was also raised from $5,000 to $10,000.

The city also decided to meet the conditions for acquiring the marathon’s highest label, ‘Platinum’. This label is the highest level of competition certified by the World Association of Athletics Federations (WA). Currently, the Daegu Marathon is ‘gold’, one level lower than this. Under this label are ‘Elite’ and ‘WA’. In order to publicize the entire city to the world, the city decided to change the existing Jung-gu National Debt Compensation Memorial Park to Suseong-gu Daegu Stadium, adjust the course, and obtain WA certification.

After successfully hosting the 2011 World Athletics Championships in Daegu, the city was designated as an ‘international athletics city’ by WA, and is working hard to create a land boom and develop marathons. Daegu is the second city to be designated as an international land city after Stuttgart in Germany.

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