Cops illegally filming ‘uniform photos’ on blind date app

An incumbent police officer is under arrest after being caught illegally filming women he met on a blind date application for years.

Gyeonggi Suwon Southern Police Station announced today (22nd) that it has sent a 32-year-old police officer from the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency to custody on charges of violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act (filming using a camera, etc.)메이저사이트 and destroying evidence.

Mr. A is accused of illegally filming and possessing about 10 women he met through a blind date app for several years from December 2017 to December last year without consent.

It is known that the police investigation was carried out when the victim noticed this fact and filed a complaint with the prosecution last month.

Afterwards, when the investigation began, Mr. A was sent to the prosecution in custody on charges of asking an acquaintance, Mr. B, to discard the hard disk on which illegally filmed material was stored.

Accordingly, Mr. B, an acquaintance who threw away the hard disk, which was evidence, was also sent without detention on charges of destroying evidence.

As a result of the police investigation, Mr. A was found to have committed this crime by uploading a picture of himself in a police uniform on her blind date app and presenting her civil service card.

It is said that the victims did not have any suspicions about illegal filming, thinking that Mr. A was a police officer.

A police official said, “After the investigation started, I tried to destroy the evidence through an acquaintance, but through CCTV video confirmation, I secured a hard disk where the video was stored in a garbage dump near the house and confirmed the crime.” and handed it over to the prosecution.”

Superintendent A has been released from his position as the investigation begins, and the police plan to proceed with disciplinary procedures soon.

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