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Cool-headed coach Sono Kim Seung-gi’s calculation method, goal of 27 wins + 6th round

Coach Kim Seung-gi, who became Sono’s first head coach, is preparing for the season with cool-headed calculations. He is refining tactics for the season along with physical training for the players during the Hongcheon training camp.

Coach Kim led Day One Sports to the semifinals last season despite various adverse conditions. Even in a situation where they were suffering from financial difficulties due to their objective inferiority in power and poor management of Day One Sports, they touched the hearts of fans with ’emotional basketball’ along with the players.토토사이트

With Sono starting the basketball team, Coach Kim and his players are all able to find stability and play in the 2023-2024 season. Although the composition of foreign and domestic players was delayed, we moved quickly and made minimal reinforcements. Kim Min-wook and Ham Jun-hoo were recruited from the free agent market, and backup shooter Kim Ji-hoo was brought in through a trade.

Coach Kim said, “(Ham) Jun-hoo’s position is weak in our team. (Moon) There is no player like Seong-gon (KT). It is disappointing that the number 3 (small forward) is over 195cm tall. Depending on the situation, Kim Kang-seon may also take that position,” he said. “(Lee) Jeong-hyun and (Jeon) Seong-hyun will have to relieve the burden, but (Kim) Ji-hoo’s role is important. “Jihoo’s sense of shooting needs to improve,” he said.

He is leading the Hongcheon domestic training camp and is also focusing on identifying new foreign players Jarrod Jones and Anthony Bennett. Coach Kim said, “Jones played in KBL (KT) last year, but he is getting to know me. It only tells you the pattern. Bennett is doing it himself. “You can’t say something when you’re not feeling well and get hurt,” he said. “Both of them have outside ability.” “Other teams tell us to play inside, but I tell them to shoot hard from outside, so they seem to like it,” he said with a smile.

Because Coach Kim has produced results that exceed his objective capabilities, the expectations around him are still high. Coach Kim said, “This is his first season. Even if he doesn’t have the power around him, he thinks he should make it to the semifinals. To do that, you need to win about 27 games. “We won 28 games (26 losses) last season and advanced to the semifinals,” he said. “We would like to win more than 30 games next season, but it seems like we are just being greedy (given our capabilities). “Considering the strength of other teams, it is difficult to objectively say that our team is in the top six.”

Coach Kim set a goal of reaching the semifinals in his first season, and calculated 27 wins as the cutoff point. Coach Kim, who is aiming for the round of 6, indirectly expressed his confidence in the playoffs, saying, “If we go to a short-term match, it is important to ride the atmosphere in addition to our best efforts.”

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