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“Common worms in the spicy soup of a sashimi restaurant,” was the response I got when I complained.

A sashimi restaurant has sparked controversy after dozens of worms were found in its spicy soup.

A post titled “The Worst Hygiene Sashimi Restaurant in Jindo” appeared on an online community.

The poster, Mr. A먹튀검증, traveled to Jindo and purchased spicy hotpot in a package, receiving frozen spicy hotpot and marinade separately.

When he opened it to boil and eat, he said it was full of bugs.

Mr. A showed the owner of the sashimi restaurant and protested, but the owner insisted that it was miso paste.

Since Mr. A insisted that it was worms, he said he would refund the price of the spicy soup.

“I filed a formal complaint with the Jindo County Government and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, so I will post a review when I get the results,” Mr. A said.

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