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“Come with me, I’ll buy you sundae”…42 convictions for luring female elementary school students

A man in his 50s who tried to lure two female elementary school students from a cram school has been indicted.

The Women’s and Children’s Crime Investigation Division of the Seoul Northern District Prosecutors’ Office (Deputy Chief Prosecutor Lee Sun-nyeo)안전놀이터 filed an indictment against Mr. A, 50, on Jan. 1 for attempted abduction of a minor. The prosecution also requested an order to attach a location-tracking electronic device based on Ms. A’s history of sexual offenses.

According to prosecutors and police, A allegedly tried to lure two 10-year-old girls by saying, “Follow me, my uncle will buy you sundae,” in front of the gate of an English language school in Seoul on the afternoon of March 15.

The elementary school students rejected the offer and ran away.

The police were called to the school by the director and identified A as a suspect through closed-circuit (CC) TV analysis. He was arrested near his home in Wadong, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, four hours after the report was filed.

“I did it because I wanted to buy (sundae),” he told police during the investigation.

Mr. A, who has 42 criminal convictions, was confirmed to be a person subject to registration for sex offenses against adult women.

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